Will Elon Musk Buy Twitter?

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Bitcoin mining difficulty drops for the third time in 2022. Nexo CEO Antoni Trenchev says BTC could hit $100,000 in one year. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky agreesAre they dreaming?

The Elon Musk-Twitter saga is looking more like a true soap opera all the time. First, Musk asks his frat brothers if they thought Twitter was respectful of free speechWhat he failed to do is give a disclaimer saying “this is not a scientific poll and results may vary from 0% to 100%.” His mind must have been on a road trip. In record time, Musk becomes the largest Twitter shareholder with 9.2 percent of shares. Next, he wants to dance in Twitter’s locker room, then he didn’t. Riding the bipolar train like a Disney toy, he tweets that he’ll buy Twitter for $43 billion. Tron’s Justin Sun responds to the tweet saying he’ll buy Twitter for $60 a shareBoth men say they’ll take Twitter to a private bedchamber and make love to her like a porn star. Now, Musk has fallen in the rankings of Twitter shareholders as Vanguard Group whips out its huge love stick to reveal a 10.3 percent stake in Twitter. Musk explains his attempt to buy Twitter at a TED Talk. Finally, Twitter’s eighth-grade boyfriend steps in to suggest she needs to be decentralized, not “owned.” Suddenly, the hunchback hare-lipped three-legged prom princess no one wanted to date has become the grand prize in this high drama. For a moment, I thought I was going to get the chance to receive DOGE tips. Any bets on who will take this girl home and make her an honest bride?

In March 2021, Sina Estavi purchased Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for $2.9 million. He recently tried to auction it and had it listed for a Buy Now price of $48 million. At the end of his auction, the highest bid was $277. Still, he got an offer for $3,600Can you say, “Bad investment?”

If you’ve been expecting Ethereum to complete its Merge on schedule, take another look. Developers say it will be after June.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is excited about regulationsYou’ll croak when you find out why.

Tether to reduce commercial paper holdings.

Wikipedia editors vote to block crypto donations.

Investors are still looking for a business use case for the metaverse. One surfer dude, on the other hand, can’t wait to suck at surfing in the metaverseIf he sucks really bad, I can’t wait to watch.

Ledger has partnered with ZenLedger to integrate tax reporting into its wallet.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is optimistic about crypto and NFTs even though he doesn’t own any. However, while not expecting to accept cryptocurrencies as a retailer, he says the company may get into selling NFTsThat seems very strange to me. Amazon’s profits are shrinking due to increased logistical costs. It seems that accepting cryptocurrencies would go hand in hand with selling NFTs. Would you buy an NFT from Amazon?

The 5 most polluting cryptocurrencies.

Orange Comet is offering The Walking Dead NFTs.

El Salvador is experimenting with blockchain technology in different ways.

China proposes restrictions on NFTs. Does that surprise anyone?

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