Web3 Wednesday: OpenSea Accepts BNB Chain NFTs with Open Arms

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This week’s Defluenced podcast features me alone as Unkle Bonehead (@unklebonehead) is searching for a new mic. His old one is on the fritz. Not the Ritz. The topic this week is Publish0x and I discuss six things I like about it. Before you do anything else today, listen to this.

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OpenSea opens up to supporting BNB Chain NFTs. 20 leading blockchains accounted for $568 million in NFT sales this month, a 22 percent bounce. That’s a pretty significant jump in a bear market. I’ll be curious to see how December goes. Will people buy NFTs as Christmas gifts for their friends and family? If so, we’ll likely see another jump in sales with a significant fall in January.

Leading Cryptopunk collector Gmoney is revealing his identityThis is more like a gender reveal than anything else. Okay, so you have a baby boy. Have you named him yet? “No, we’re going to wait to give him a name until we know he actually likes being a boy.” Ah! Well, at least you’ll be able to recognize him in public.

Source: Gmoney via NFTNow.com

ApeCoin DAO has 42 candidates running in its Special Council electionCan I vote a straight party ticket?

Yuga Labs offers radical ownership of Web3. (A PODCAST—listen while you whistle)

Candy Digital has cut one-third of its staffNFT sales may have gone up in November, but they’re still down for the year. Companies in this space are struggling.

Magnum photo agency unveils NFT project in photosIf anything, this is excellent photography. Whether it will have any value as an NFT collection is another matter. I would argue it doesn’t need to have value as an NFT collection, because it’s beautiful photography. Isn’t that enough?

New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferris is launching an NFT project and has begun discussing it publicly. Evidently, the project has been in the works for over a year and it’s been a carefully guarded secret. Whelp, the secret’s out!

Sony introduces a motion tracking system for the metaverse.

Source: Sony via Engadget

Nike trips in its metaverse marketplace.

Minebase hit 800,000 users within two months of launch.

Porsche’s jumping on the NFT sports wagon too. Ms. Christina drives a 944.

Miami art studio Random International is issuing NFTs to VIP visitors. I can see this happening more with art studios, museums, and galleries. Art begets art.

Consumers are gearing up for metaverse shopping this holiday season. Kaspersky says metaverse exploitation and abuse to increase in 2023. It’s a no-brainer.. As the metaverse grows, the potential for exploitation and abuse grows with it. What do chief metaverse officers actually do? Answer: They freaking dream.

Game7 is launching a $100 million grant program to spur on Web3 gaming. Go and get it!

DCENTRAL is taking its Web3 conferences to VietnamAnd flaying out from there into the rest of Asia.

What I Saw on Hive

Splinterlands revamps its sales policy.

An interview with the creator of Web3Peeps.

What would we do if we weren’t foundersThis is an interesting video discussion among four of Hive’s top personalities.

Earn crypto playing Web3 chessLooks interesting.

Let’s Talk About Publish0x

The following links were found on Publish0x, a fitting collection considering the topic of today’s Defluenced podcast.

DeFi is the new black (and always should have been). (THIS IS A GREAT READ) Your thoughts are welcome. Should crypto fans give up on Bitcoin and adopt Ethereum instead?

John Wege shares his November crypto earningsI appreciate John’s transparency and willingness to take risks. He usually earns more from crypto lending, but with all the issues surrounding it now, hmmm … well, his earnings are down. I hope it doesn’t stay that way, John.

David Bond on avoiding financial censorship with bitcoin.

Is Bitboy stalking Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF)? There are a lot of people wishing they had balls enough to stalk SBF. Best line to read today: “But then again if you have a deranged man shouting the same thing over and over apparently they will elect you president.” Sometimes, truth hides in the shadows.

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