Twitter, Elon Musk, and the Changes at Cryptocracy

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As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been rethinking the Cryptocracy posting schedule. It’s official, today is the last Saturday post. BUT … I’m replacing it with other cool things, such as:

  1. Monday’s news curation will continue to be the long stretch of love you’ve come to know me by.

  2. Tuesday will feature crypto discussions overheard on Twitter, and now that Elon Musk officially owns the service, these should be interesting. But there’s one catch. They will only be posted on Substack. If you want to read my Twitter insights, you’ve got to subscribe or drive by Cryptocracy on Substack on Tuesdays.

  3. Wild Wednesdays will be reserved for something special. I may work in a news curation, write an article, or do something else. You never know what to expect on Wednesday, but it will always be infused with the same old snark and commentary you’re addicted to (what kind of pusher would I be if I didn’t hook you up with your fix?). One caveat: the Defluenced podcast with Unkle Bonehead will be included on Wednesday’s offering.

  4. Thursday Threads will be a discussion thread only available on Substack. Every week, I’ll ask a question and you can join the conversation. Again, this will be a Substack-only thread. I will not post the discussion question on any social media that day. It’s for Subscribers only. You can join the first discussion here.

  5. On Fridays, I plan to write an original article rather than news curation, but I could also include some of the news flavored with snark. Expect me to let my hair down. It’ll be sexy.

With this schedule, I intend to post to Substack every day of the week, Monday through Friday, and spread Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts around on the cryptosocial media platforms I post to. See the list below with my links if you want to connect.

Occasionally, I may post on a Saturday, but it won’t be every week. And be on the lookout for more changes. I’m aiming to turn Cryptocracy into a thriving community, not just a one-man show.

Oh, reminder: the Presearch Advertising Grant vote is still going on. Show your love for Cryptocracy with a vote.

And now, for the main event ….

Saturday’s Crypto News

TOP NEWS TODAY: Elon Musk is wasting no time in wrangling Twitter to the ground and getting it under his control. Out of the gate, he fired four top executivesincluding chief executive Parag Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, and Vijaya Gadde, who was head of Twitter’s legal policy and rumored to have been the one to make the decision to oust Donald Trump from the platform last year. In a completely unrelated matter, on the same day that Musk assumed control over Twitter, the microblogging platform announced it will facilitate NFT salesTwitter is definitely going to change under Musk’s rule. While it will be pro crypto, that doesn’t mean every change will be an improvement.

record number of bitcoins have not been used in six months, says Morgan Stanley. Is this bitcoin bottom like previous bottoms?

ETH sets a new record for short liquidations. Strong post-Merge fundamentals should be sweet to ether’s price. 3 reasons crypto beats gold, according to Ethereum Cofounder Vitalik Buterin.

Source: Nansen via CoinTelegraph

Tether launches P2P credit system.

Could Visa introduce its own crypto walletIt wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Visa has been steadily making moves into crypto, but I wouldn’t own a Visa crypto wallet if they offered 100 percent cashback for using it. It’s likely to come with KYC strings and will likely be custodial.

Reddit’s NFT marketplace has more users than OpenSeaThis really isn’t a surprise. Reddit is one of the largest Web properties there is and has a massive user base, which is intrinsically more crypto-friendly than the Facebook crowd.

If you’re in the mood for defacing digital art, one innovative developer has just the right tool for youThe only thing worse than destroying personal property to make a political point is assaulting someone to make the point. What kind of species are we now?

Web3 funding dips. Has Web3 failed the creator economy? Is there room for self-sovereignty and Web3 in the creator economy? There are valid criticisms of Web3. No doubt about it. In some ways, it has failed to live up to its promise, but the story isn’t over yet. I’m hopeful that it will succeed and there will be viable ways for creators to exercise self-sovereignty and take back control over their IP while monetizing it better. That shouldn’t happen through platforms, however, but through protocols. I’ve got a book coming soon on that very topic.

Human nature is a challenge to crypto and blockchain technology. No greater truth has ever been spoken.

More than 5,000 new cryptocurrencies launched in 2022. Cool! The more the merrier. The next bull run needs fertilizer.

What will happen to your crypto assets when you dieNo, you can’t take them with you.

The pros and cons of National Football League players receiving crypto for payYou’ve got to respect a website with a name like FishDuck.

Bartek Lechowski is building a metaverse on 750 acres of land in Costa Rica. I’ve been seeing a bigger push to integrate the real world with the virtual, and I see it in various places. On another note, Costa Rica could be headed for crypto regulation.

Please don’t blame me for the snark, or the commentary. They’re in my DNA. That’s why I italicize them. Inclusion of an item in Cryptocracy does not mean I agree or endorse the ideas presented. Of course, it also doesn’t mean I don’t either.

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Image credit: Nansen via CoinTelegraph

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**** musk and twitter

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He calls himself the Chief Twit now....

We should call the platform Mitter. lol

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