Join My Web3 Social Book Launch Team, Here's How

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Good morning!

Instead of posting my usual discussion question today, I thought I’d send an invitation to join my book launch team for the forthcoming book Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web (And You Can Too!).

Now, to answer the question: What is a book launch team?

 Book Launch Teams for Newbies

If you’re not an author or a seasoned book launch team veteran, you may not know what a book launch team is. In simple terms, a book launch team is a group of individuals who commit to helping an author launch a new book. Their commitment revolves around three key initiatives:

  1. Buy the book on launch day.

  2. Leave a review of the book.

  3. Tell everyone they know about the book.

This is fairly simple, but let me discuss how I approach these three initiatives with my launch teams.

Buy the Book - On each of my book launches, I ask the book launch team to buy one copy of my book in any format on book launch day (or during the first week of launch). To reward those book buyers, I drop the e-book price of my book to 99 cents. It’s my way of saying “thanks for your support.” As an added incentive, I’m exploring options now to provide a free NFT copy of Web3 Social for my first 100 book buyers (more to come on this!).

Leave a Review - There are several ways readers can leave a review of Web3 Social. The most popular of these ways is on the Amazon sales page, but I realize that some people don’t like to buy from Amazon, or to leave reviews on Amazon (and Amazon requires reviewers to have purchased at least $25 in merchandise within the last year). It’s acceptable to leave a review at Goodreads. In past book launches, I’ve launched my book at other bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc. I’m contemplating going Amazon-only on this launch and adding the other bookstores later (no decision yet, but there are a few reasons why I might take that approach. Sorry, I won’t be going into those reasons just yet.). I’ll ask you, however, not to let this potentiality deter you from joining my book launch team.

Tell Everyone - This is the social aspect of book launch teams. Book launch team members often have their own social media accounts on various platforms. I’ll provide you with material that you can use for posting, or you can create your own. But at this level of commitment, you’ll spread the word about my book through any means available to you. If you have a podcast, you may discuss the book (with me as a guest, with others as guests, or solo) with your audience. If you have a blog, you may post a blog review (and share it with your social networks). If you have an email list, you may notify your email list of the book if it is relevant to them, possibly reviewing the book for your list. You can even tell your friends and family offline. The idea is to help me promote the book far and wide to reach as many people as possible.

In essence, book launch teams are early evangelists for the cause!


Will You Join My Book Launch Team?

Now that you understand what book launch teams are and the vision for my launch team, I’d like to ask you to join my book launch team and help me launch Web3 Social. My aim is to publish the book later in January or early February.

I’m asking you to please consider which level you feel most comfortable with. If you are as excited about Web3 Social as I am, maybe you’ll volunteer to go all in and commit to promoting the book in all three ways described above. If you’re limited on time, you may decide the social sharing isn’t right for you. That’s okay. You can still participate by buying the book and leaving a review. Others may opt to simply buy the book and that’s all. All three levels of commitment are acceptable and appreciated.

To join my book launch team and help me introduce new readers to Web3 social media, please join my Web3 Social book launch team. And thanks for being a great reader!


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