Cryptosocial Media Earnings: March 2022

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11 months ago

Going into this year, I thought I’d share my crypto earnings on social media. I added a new platform this month. Bastyon is built on its own blockchain and issues a cryptocurruency called PKOIN. Since it was my first month and I was active for only a few days, I didn’t earn much, but it looks like there could be some serious potential. Here’s the rundown on my earnings for March 2022.


In only eight posts, I was able to earn 0.038 tokens. At approximately $1.40 per PKOIN, my earnings for the month March equated to 0.03914.

I’m just getting started on this train.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $.03


I’m quite pleased with my earnings on Hive this month. I know I’m not using Hive to its fullest potential. I post and run. Sometimes, I upvote a post or two that someone else wrote, respond to a comment on my post, or upvote a comment. But I could be doing much more. I could also add some cash to my staking account and increase my mojo, which would likely attract more attention to my posts. I am thinking about getting more serious about Hive.

Hive pays out in two different tokens. In March, I earned 14.686 Hive Power (HP) and 5.505 Hive Dollars (HBD). That translates into $17.77006 and $5.3976525, respectively. That’s a total of $23.1677125.

The reason I’m so pleased with that is because I only have 10 followers on Hive. On Torum, I have more than 4,000 and earn less. That’s not a complaint so much as an observation. Torum’s rewards system is drastically different than Hive’s, so there will be an inequitable earnings amount. Imagine if I had 100 followers on Hive. I could be earning 10 times the amount that I’m earning now.

Hive also has other tokens that posters can earn. Since I’ve been on Hive, a few weeks now, I’ve managed to accumulate the following tokens:

  • NEOXAG 78.63838793

  • 1UP 8.92106208

  • LEO 3.514

  • CTP 0.099

  • POB 0.09797917

  • PESOS 0.097

  • WAIV 0.09492837

  • SEX 0.004

  • PAL 0.003

Most of these aren’t worth much, if anything, and I haven’t researched the value of them. I will make a point to look into NEOXAG, 1UP, and LEO at least.

In addition to these tokens, I’ve earned 15.75 Ecency Points. These have no monetary value, but they can be used to promote and boost posts as well as gift to other Ecency users. Ecency is one of several Hive interfaces that allow Hive users to post to Hive without visiting the Hive website.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $23.16


Loop is interesting.

I bounced over 50,000 LOOPR in the last couple of days. LOOPR is the token one earns for posting to the Loop Community and determines how many LOOP one earns at the next monthly airdrop. In March, I earned 355 LOOP. That translates into $28.045.

I think that’s outstanding considering LOOP is trading in the 7 and 8 cent range. I’d love to see it go up to $1.00. That would increase my earnings significantly.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $28.04


Like Hive, I don’t think I’m making the most of Minds, but I’m not real keen on it either. Tokens earned = 0.722. That amounts to $1.19852.

Considering the time I’ve spent on Minds, that’s not very impressive. Plus, I spent 5 tokens ($6.90) boosting a post. That obviously didn’t pay off.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $1.19

MG Social

MG Social is very simple and very basic. What I earn is through the Coil protocol paid through Interledger and amounted to $0.091302411 in March.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $0.09

Noise Cash

Noise Cash is on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This amount is not completely accurate as the first half of the month my wallet was recording what I earned on Read Cash as a joint wallet. In the middle of the month, Noise Cash started reporting its own amount in tokens, 011 302. That’s essentially 8 cents.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $0.08


Publish0x is still one of my favorite cryptosocial platforms. I didn’t earn as much on Publish0x as I did on Hive this month, but my engagement on Publish0x is much better. I earned 8.2721 AMPL tokens and 112.9801 STA tokens. That amounts to a total USD value of $15.81.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $15.81

Read Cash

I’m also very pleased with Read Cash, another platform on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. I earned 0.0495947031621216 BCH, which is equal to a USD valuation of $19.0855296178792.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $19.08


Torum is slow and steady. Each month, I earn pretty close to the same. In March, I earned 47.44 XTM tokens. That amounts to $10.204344 USD.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $10.20


Through Coil, I earn a little bit every few days through a blog I have monetized using the Coil protocol and a YouTube channel my wife and I run together. Paying through Interledger, I earned 22 cents in March.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $0.22


I also use the Brave Browser and allow Brave to show me ads throughout the day. In March, I earned 0.431 Basic Attention Tokens. I think this is lower than usual, and it could be because Brave has made some changes recently. They rolled out their own native wallet and made some other changes. I’m not even sure that I’ve been shown any ads for a few days. That means I’ll need to audit my settings and make sure they’re set right and that my wallet is set up right. My earnings amount in USD was $0.40.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $0.40


I also use Presearch a fair amount and make about 90 percent of my daily searches through Presearch. Since I’m a writer, I use Presearch a lot. My token earnings for March 2022 was 39.72. That amounts to about $7.701708.

Total Earned (rounded down) = $7.70

Total earnings from social media content in March 2022 = $104.8447365.

Rounded down, my March 2022 cryptosocial earnings was $104.84. That’s not bad considering I’d have been spending that time posting to social media anyway.


I intended to report on staking, but there have been some changes to the way some of my coins are staked, and I’m still trying to figure out the reporting on some of the platforms that I’m using. I’ll research this and report back on my staking earnings later.

To learn how you can use cryptosocial media to earn some extra bucks this month, buy my book Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media.

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11 months ago


Can You help me how to get started on Loopr I have joined there, now what should I do ?

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11 months ago

@CyberCrypto, Click on the Community link in the navbar and start posting. It's fairly easy. Once on the Community tab, click on Write Article on the left sidebar. It's pretty intuitive.

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11 months ago

I am trying to publish but seems publish button isn't working as article doesn't get posted

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11 months ago

Oh yes, that happens sometimes.

When it happens to me, I click Save Draft and then go back and edit again. I've also learned that if I save choosing the category for last, that doesn't happen. It's a strange glitch in the platform. I've been meaning to notify them in their Telegram about it, but I haven't been able to make the time.

I'd recommend writing your article first, add the lead photo image after you've got your post perfected and ready to publish, then choose your category. Don't wait too long after that to publish. Click the CAPCHA and Publish and it should work for you then.

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11 months ago

thanks for help

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11 months ago

You're welcome. I hope you were able to post just fine.

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11 months ago

I tried but it didn't fix for me. Publish button is stuck no matter how many times I click it is not getting publish

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11 months ago

Sorry to hear that. I have just not published and gone back another day. It is something that needs to be addressed. I think they're aware of the issue. It came about during a recent upgrade and they're still working out bugs.

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11 months ago

Best of luck to you! I also like and Publish0x the most. Haven't been able to catch on much with, I'll probably look into it next month. I've seen people earn a lot on Hive and LeoFinance so I'm looking into it, but for now, I'm just on the first two. Your list is pretty impressive though. Continue to grow and share! See you around.

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11 months ago


Noise.Cash isn't as good as, IMO. I sometimes encounter a technical difficulty and can't post. When I do post, the posts don't earn as much as they do on Read.Cash. Hive and LeoFinance have a lot of potential. There are others out there, but I'm reluctant to stretch to myself too thin. You can learn about more of these platforms in my book, Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media.

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11 months ago