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Bitcoin's Hashrate is Going Up

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3 months ago
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I love it when I get to start a newsletter and end it with Kool-Aid.

We’re more than halfway to the next bitcoin halving. 3 reasons bitcoin’s hashrate keeps climbing. Why bitcoin mining is cool again. Peter Brandt says all BTC purchased in 2021 is a losing tradeOf course, the creator of Bollinger Bands called him a big meanie. Funny how Brandt wants to remind the leaders of the Laser Eyes Cult to avoid “dogmatic thinking.” Shouldn’t you drink your own Kool-Aid?

Source: CoinTelegraph

Tether freezes $160 million in USDT. Not the first time Tether has blocked wallets, but it is the largest blacklist yet.

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson says XRP is a commodity. Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen shows his support for HoskinsonHoskinson was clarifying statements he made that some Ripple fans took to mean he was anti-XRP. He says if a cryptocurrency has utility, it can’t be a security. Keep this in mind: Communication is not an exact science.

Coinbase has moved to the Land Down Under.

OpenSea CFO resigns.

Polkadot, Cosmos lead the way in staking yields.

About Capital is acquiring Huobi Global. Is Justin Sun pulling the strings from behind the scenes? I always though he looked like the Wizard of Oz.

Former Goldman Sachs exec says Solana is poised to lead the next bull cycleI’d like to see that!

The U.S. military is setting up its own metaverse. The entry point for Meta’s metaverse is Seattle. Banking, the metaverse go together like goggles and simulation. When I was in the Army and training to be a tank commander, we used something called SIMNET that was a type of virtual reality training environment. Evidently, they’re upgrading that to also include artificial intelligence.

30-day NFT sales are 88 percent lower than 8 months ago. The Greedy Machines facilitate bitcoin mining through NFTs. How to build an NFT customer loyalty program. Solana hackers are using NFTs to steal passwords. Polygon’s NFT activity has fallen off a cliff. Book lovers can now read Moby Dick as an NFTI wanted to try, so I bought a non-fiction book NFT off a secondary marketplace—because it was the least expensive NFT book I could find and the original mints had sold out. I’m now the not-so-proud owner of Cardano for the Masses. I still haven’t figured out how to read it as it seems their Web-based e-book reader is dysfunctional. I’ve put in a support ticket.

Is crypto winter melting into crypto spring?

5 podcasts to learn about crypto. Hey, don’t forget about Defluenced!

XEN consumed 42 percent of Ethereum gas fees in 24 hours, but what is it?

Blockwater Technologies defaults on TrueFi loan.

A list of anonymous cryptocurrencies.

Top 5 use cases for cryptocurrenciesThe fifth one is actually three “other cases.” Cheater!

Social tokens will drive Web3I’m considering a social token for the Cryptocracy community. If this would interest you, let me know by commenting below. If you’re reading this in email, feel free to hit Reply.

Blockster is rolling out new features to transform into a token-gated platform.

The scope of digital currencies.

The lowdown on the digital rupee. 4 signs a digital dollar is on its wayIf the U.S. does roll out a digital central currency, it will likely take the path of India and issue a wholesale version and a retail version. The retail digital currency will be for folks like you and me. The wholesale variation will be for banks.

Iranian bitcoin advocate arrested in Tehran.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele says the world’s most powerful elites are afraid of bitcoinHe’s right. He says to stop drinking their Kool-AidThat’s good advice.

Snark and commentary in italics. Inclusion of an item does not mean I agree or endorse the ideas presented. Of course, it also doesn’t mean I don’t.

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Written by   35
3 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFT, Metaverse, Meta, ...
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