Bitcoin & Wall Street Don't Need Each Other

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And Now for Some Crypto News

Why Wall Street doesn’t need bitcoin and bitcoin doesn’t need Wall Street. El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment is a colossal failure.

Google hides an Easter egg before Ethereum Merge. Why the Merge matters to everyone. Singapore is the country most excited about the Merge.

Tether’s smart contracts supply dips to 17-month low. Are algorithmic stablecoins history, and is USDC dominating the stablecoin marketThe fallout from TerraUSD’s crash may be felt for years to come. It looks as though USDC could overtake USDT as the leading stablecoin. Tether’s recent rally could be a fake out. You can bet regulators are keeping an eye on the stablecoin market, so you should too.

Algorand reveals $35 million hole in its balance sheetThanks Holdnaut.

Top 10 U.S. states interested in cryptocurrenciesI’m not surprised by Texas, New York, and California, but Alaska? Here’s a question to ask: What is it about these states that make them hotbeds of interest for crypto? Another interesting tidbit in this article is the massive ROI experienced by merchants who accept cryptocurrencies - 327 percent — plus a 40 percent increase in new customers. Go crypto!

Top smart contracts tokens gained 44 percent against U.S. dollar since June.

NFTs are driving up the cost of rare whiskies. Living digital collectibles, aka “dynamic NFTs,” could be the next stage in the evolution of NFTs. Creators are upset over royalty-free NFTs. Maybe it’s time to separate NFTs from digital art. On the other hand, NFT projects that succeed in the future will have to tell compelling storiesYou can’t get a buzz on whiskey NFTs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dopamine rush. I’m a bit skeptical about dynamic NFTs, but I can see a use case. Taking the primary benefit away from NFTs—you know, royalties—is worse than throwing the baby out with the bath water. It’s like throwing the baby out before she’s in the bath. As far as telling compelling stories go, I scratch my head wondering why NFT projects aren’t doing that already.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce wants to become a friend of the court in Ripple case. Ripple needs all the help it can get.

Crypto went through the wringer in 2022. What’s next?

Ethereum and Polygon NFTs can be moved to IOTA Shimmer.

Popular crypto analyst Pomp says crypto price predictions are a “fool’s game.”

trends in DeFiThis is not your typical list. You’ll find several surprises here, and some out-of-the-box thinking. Not bad for Medium.

Web3 games and metaverse projects raised $748 million in August. Animoca Brands raised another $110 million. JPMorgan is on a Web3 hiring spree. Founder of Minted Mojito says Web3 needs to attract more women. NEAR unveils $100 million venture capital fund for Web3 culture and entertainment.

Why immersive rights are necessary in the metaverse. The largest bank in Southeast Asia jumps into The Sandbox. Speaking of banks, the metaverse experience will likely transform bankingIt will transform a lot of things.

7 frames for displaying your NFT art.

How social tokens can transform book publishingFrom yours truly. Some of this is speculative, but that’s because tokenized book publishing is still hot off the press. There aren’t a lot of case studies. Yet.

5 things to like about HiveYou’ll learn a lot more to like about Hive if you tune in to Defluenced this Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST.

Is Big Eyes the next big thing in NFT memes?

7 points to consider before starting a DAOOr 8, depending on how you count them.

Mailchain launches first Web3 multi-wallet email platform.

Aussies lost $242 million to crypto scams in 2022. Australia exempts digital currencies from foreign currency taxation.

China wants a unified QR code system for digital yuan.

India unfreezes WazirX accounts.

Queensland: Crypto scam losses hit new high.

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