Are You a Bitcoin Fan? Survey Says You're a Psychopath

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Scientists have discovered that bitcoin fans are “psychopaths.” It’s hard to believe this can be ascertained from a simple survey. On the other hand, Peter Thiel calling Warren Buffet a “sociopathic grandpa” makes it believable.

Ethereum has passed its first major proof-of-stake test.

Binance to use its might to help launch French Web3 companies.

Meta will now test selling virtual goods in the metaverse. The test will take place in the metaverse Horizon Worlds. However, if you sell your items through the game, Meta will take 50 percent of the revenueThis is outrageous. Don’t fall for that scheme. Novelty isn’t that expensive.

If you’re a non-accredited investor in the U.S., you’ll have to do your crypto lending somewhere other than Celsius because they’ve discontinued their Earn service to anyone in the U.S. who doesn’t own a “verified account.” A company spokesperson said the changes are the result of negotiations “with U.S. regulators.” Here’s another example of the U.S. using existing regulations to discriminate against the poor and middle class. Institutional investors have arrived, shut the doors!

Bored Ape fans will soon be able to watch their own film trilogy courtesy of Coinbase. And Protocol says Coinbase should slow its global roll.

NFT sales have declined in recent months and that’s driving blue-chip NFT holders to other channels for revenue. One investor shares how he finds his next NFT gold nugget. Meanwhile, OpenSea’s declining sales volume has industry insiders asking if we’ve hit a bull market. And if you got caught up in the NFT craze last year, it’s now time to pay your taxesCrypto taxes are no joke. The IRS wants to know if you’ve bought, traded, sold, or dealt with cryptocurrencies in any way during the tax year 2021. If you did, you’ll likely owe some taxes. Have you been keeping good records? Read this for more information on crypto taxes.

Polygon commits to going carbon neutral this year.

CoinGeek explains its contractless contract.

Why the metaverse couldn’t exist without a blockchain.

The risks and rewards of being paid in crypto.

Will Russia avoid sanctions through a SWIFT alternativeUnlike other articles on this topic, a list of SWIFT alternatives is included.

Are NFTs the future of restaurantsCan you eat an NFT? Meanwhile, Mastercard has filed for 15 metaverse and NFT trademark applicationsIs it just me or does it seem like there’s a race to take over the metaverse in the same way corporations have taken over the internet?

The paradox of cryptocurrencies (an excellent read).

The Cult DAO opens its books for an accounting look.

Why the Fed should NEVER issue a CBDC (another good read).

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