Toxic maximalism is bad

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Today's will be a short article. And it is more a reflection than an article itself. Extremes are bad, no matter how good a cause they defend, they will always do more harm than good.

In the crypto world they are known as toxic maximalists. They started with Bitcoin, but that act has spread to almost all communities including BitcoinCash.

If we are not able to accept criticism of our favorite cryptocurrency, then we are not able to find solutions to these common problems. If to defend our favorite cryptocurrency we need to trash, talk bad or denigrate another, then perhaps the one we like is not as good.

If we don't accept that some have superior features or have solutions that even if we don't like them, they do the job. We will not be able to apply similar improvements or find solutions that do the job and are consistent with our principles.

The discussion of which is the original Bitcoin or which is closer to Satoshi's vision is sterile. More so when Satoshi's original vision doesn't really matter.

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From the moment Bitcoin was released as open source, from the moment a community grew up around it, Satoshi's vision ceased to matter and gave way to the needs of the community. He/She/They knew it and perhaps that inclined them to disappear.

If the community does not reach consensus, either the will of the majority is accepted or a hard fork is generated. That is the beauty of decentralization. If I don't agree with the direction it takes, I create my own variant according to my vision and others like me will use it.

One of the most suitable similes to compare is the case of Linux. Where each community creates a distribution according to their interests and desires.

It may be difficult for some to admit, but for mass adoption to be achieved, custodian (or centralized) applications are necessary. Most people prefer the simple, they don't want to know about public and private keys. That is why many use platforms such as Coinbase or Binance as wallets.

To finish I repeat it, extremes are bad, no matter how good the cause they defend, they always do more harm than good.

Say no to maximalism, to love something you don't need to hate the other.

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