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Sudden Attraction

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4 months ago

She is an orphan who does not even know her parents, her father died before she was given birth to and her mother died immediately she gave birth.

She is being maltreated by her uncle's wife and children, and she is no other person than Alicia Grey.

*. *. *. *.

Alicia!! Alicia!! Shouted Mrs nickson who is Alicia's Uncle wife.

Yes ma.


How many times do I have to call you before you answer? Do you want me to lose my voice!?? Now go prepare Nora and Nelly's uniform before they finish taking their bath and make sure you dress them well and also dress their hair.

Yes, ma

Now get the hell out of my sight...

When Alicia was done dressing for school, she carried Nora and Nelly backpack and made their way to school on foot.

*. *. *. *. ***.

When Alicia got to school she met many students at the entrance of the school, and she was hearing comments like;

😘😘 Oh my God!! 😘

❤️ Jeremy Owen is back

💋💋 He's so hot

💞💞I will surely make him mine

Some girls have already urinate on their pants, they were surely drooling on something; out of curiosity, she made her way into the crowd and the person she saw made her rooted to the spot. He was very handsome, he looked like a semi god, she was lost in her world that she did not know she was obstructing his way.

Excuse me please

Jeremy Owen politely asked her kept asking her to excuse him, little did he know that her soul is no longer there but only her body; when she did not answer him, he pushed her out of his way that she almost fell and that was when she came back to her senses, she ran to the class and asked her best friend Anna who the hot guy is, and she told her he is Jeremy Owens the president's son.


❤️ Jeremy Owen's pov❤️

I got down from the car and sighed when I saw the crowd, am used to it anyway but what is most surprising is when one of the students pushed her way out of the crowd and started drooling shamelessly, to make matter worse, she was obstructing my way. I kept asking her to excuse me, but it seems she was lost, so I had no choice than to push her out of my way, she can keep admiring the air.

😘 Alicia Grey's POV 😘

The president's son? Wow!! That's his luck

" But Alicia, don't tell me you don't know Jeremy Owen"

I don't know him Anna, is that a problem?? But I will admit, he's one hell of a handsome guy,"

Why won't't you? When you lost your memory outside just by the sight of him

" Hey Anna"

"But that's the truth"

"Like I had expected"

" What?"

" I know you would later tease me with this"

" Oh, are you angry? Am sorry baby girl, no I mean Mrs Owen"

" What!! Anna you better stop daydreaming, you and I know this can never be possible, not even in my dreams"

" And how is it not possible"

" You want to know"

' yes"

" Because......... You and I know it's not possible"



Soon, Anna left me to visit the restroom, so I decided to walk around the school. I finally found myself in a beautiful garden.

" Oh my God, I never knew there was a beautiful garden here💞💞"

I continued walking deep into the garden, but I saw the back view of someone familiar, but wait how do I get out of here, oh my God!! Alicia, you're in trouble!!

"What are you doing here"

That masculine voice sent shivers down my spine, immediately I gripped my clothes in fear and started shivering.

I... I… I…was...ju…St...Wal…kin…g...

I stopped talking when he faced me, right now, I feel like the ground should swallow me or one angel should take me out of here or... Should I just run cause this is Jeremy Owen standing before me? Gosh!! What have I gotten myself into??

" Do you not know students are not allowed in here and...... Wait, you look familiar.... Oh, you are the girl who was staring at me earlier as if I was in some horror movies?, now tell me, do you find me attractive?


'if I try to steal a kiss from you, would you resist"

"Of course"

"Why, am I not handsome enough"

So you are a flirt?


But you are just behaving like one

Your beauty made me to,

Am I beautiful!!

Has anyone ever told you, you are ugly?



My aunt and my cousins

Wow!!, They need to visit an optician,


Because their eyes are damaged, or Maybe they are jealous

Really, Can you tell me about yourself?, I mean your life

Why do you want to know?

I think I developed some interest in you,

What made you develop interest in me?

Hmmmmm I think.....your pointed nose


So are you talking or not

Soon, I formed myself telling him my life history, immediately I finished talking, I noticed his eyes were red, but he kept quiet. There was silence in the air for some minutes till I broke the silence.

Are you okay?

Let's go

Your hand


If you don't give me your hand, I will carry you

What. ?

This boy is such a flirt, let me give him my hand, but he really wants to create rumor.

I am taking you to my private class.



I am telling you now, so you should not create a scene when we get there.

❤️ Jeremy's POV 😘

I sympathized with the problems she was facing at home. I took her to my private class, and made her sit beside me. I continued staring at her throughout the class without her being aware, she is so beautiful, adorable. Whenever she pouts when the teacher says something, she was just too cute. After the day was over, she headed to the gate with me behind her, I asked when I saw her cousin's driver go by her that was she not going to follow them. She said she does not use to follow them, she always treks home. I then told her to keep me company for a while before my driver comes by. She said okay.

" I don't know what is delaying him"

Immediately the rain started drizzling, everybody has gone home, it later becomes heavy, and my driver is yet to come, I glanced at Alicia and I noticed she was shivering

Grrr, grrr (phone rings)


Young master

What's wrong

The car broke down, maybe you should call another driver at home.


Am sorry sir

When I get home, you will explain to me the reason why you didn't call me earlier(hangs up)

😉General POV 🙃🙂

They had no choice than to wait for a while. Alicia was shivering and Jeremy gave her his jacket. She was still shivering,, so he had no choice than to hug her. She was shocked and try to disengage from the hug, but he told her to stay still, or she will catch cold, and the hug will warm her.

After 5 minutes, she slept off on his shoulder and the night was approaching, he knew her aunt will punish her if she gets home late, so he carried her in a bridal style and took her to his house. When they got to his house, he put her on his bed, and his nanny helped her change to one of his shirts.

When Alicia woke up the next morning, she was shocked because the room does not look like hers, she jumped up as she remembered everything that happened the day before, and she almost fainted when she noticed her outfit. The door opened and Jeremy came in, she screamed and asked him " who changed my clothes", he said " I did", she looked at him with a suspicious look, and he said" my nanny changed your clothes". Oh-- okay,

Jeremy took Alicia home and threatened her guardians that he's going to sue them for child abuse if they don't allow her to live with him. Out of fear and respect, Mr. and Mrs nickson allowed Alicia to live with Jeremy. When Alicia and Jeremy completed their studies and Alicia achieved her dream, she became "Mrs Jeremy Owen"

True love and attraction at first sight led them to a greater place.....

💞💞Love does not have to be long before it is reciprocated, unexpected sudden love❤️❤️.

Thanks for reading...

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Written by   50
4 months ago
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