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Life After Child

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2 months ago

As a child, there is a life you have to live which is different from the life of an adult. Life during a child was a bird of roses. Do you know that, there was a day I saw a child been carried every day, this got to come into conclusion that the children are enjoying? They are always carried about without having stress.

The adult, on the other hand, have been the ones passing through stress and have been the ones who always carry the children from one place to the other. Children are enjoying, but will later grow to be an adult.

The fact remains that we were once like them, and also, they must behave the same way we were behaving. We should not always and must not joke with our children because they are our future.

A man in my area was given a nickname which says, a day passes will increase the day of the man. So, when each day passes, your age cannot remain the same but will keep on increasing. Someone said, who is the elder between you and me? The answer I gave was that, I'm older than you. Do you know what he said? He said, that you will die before me. So, I'm happy that I'm still younger. Hehehe...this was what made me laugh when I'm alone and happened to remember this statement.

There are some things we were doing when we were still children, but now we cannot do that any longer.:

Children cannot do without playing: My children can jump from one place to the other to play from pillar to pole. They love to play, most, especially when they are with their mates. Being in the midst of their mates can give them morale to play the more without seizing, but when you make an attempt of flogging, they will maintain and keep calm. Some kids can prove so adamant and do not want to listen to simple advice. This kind of life is not the best but the worst. As a child, you should always learn how to honor your parents and also your elders.

My parents, after breaking Coconut, will tell you not to drink the water of the Coconut. There was a kind of threat that whom you drink it, you able to have knowledge. This has been making me back them to fear Coconut water, not knowing that, they were just threatening me and do not want me to know how the water tastes.

Life when still, a child was very much simple and nice. I read on someone's post that when she was a child, she always goes to school with her friends that she does not walk alone to school. This fact is true because it is applicable to me when I was still a child. I had one friend, we always move together and do things together. I don't walk alone to school.

As a child, your parents serve you food, and you must eat to your satisfaction. That cannot be compared when you have grown up. When you grow up, you have many loads on your shoulder. You have to carry many load as you have to take care of your children, take care of your wife, crack your brain on how to make ends meet in others to meet up with your mates.

So, life as a child is a nice life and a life to live.

Now, life after child is as tough life. It is a life which does need hardworking and struggling to make ends meets. Every adult do not want to remain indoor and lazy, but they want to go out and fend for themselves since they are no longer children. It is only the child who does not want to work very hard and also does not know how to make money. Adults can move from pillar to pole to ensure they cater for their children. No parents want to allow hunger to overtake their family.

So, life after child is a life where you have to fight. A life where you have to plan for success. A life where you have to go out to for the survival or your family. Man must survive and man must eat. So, when our family survive, we also survive as well.

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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Each they had passed or years everytime we grow up we're having new responsibilities and so it takes a part of our childhood and make us more focus on what is needed. We even forgot the most important thing which is to enjoy life

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1 month ago

Children will always be children. Some of these stuff that are spelt out here, kids cannot but do with them.

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2 months ago

Childhood was interesting I wish I could relieve moments from my past again....but there where some hasty mistakes and rough plays that time. I love this write up, it made me realize how adulthood is stressful most especially with kids to fend for.

God will bless every breadwinner, the struggle is a lot on them....sometimes a free time for yourself is very important.

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2 months ago

It's funny that your parents told you not to drink the water in coconut lol.. never heard of that before. When wmyou were young you used to have someone to walk with while going to school unlike me, it was always me alone in my route. 🤣

Adult hood is really tough hence we should train our children well and prepare them for that future so they their lives can be better than ours. Altogether I enjoyed your article, it was worth reading.

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2 months ago