Words of Affirmation: What to Say to the People You Love

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Are you familiar with the five love languages? And do you know your love language? Maybe, you do. After all, love language is how we want to be loved and how we show our love.

They say, there are five languages, namely, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. One can have one, two, three or all of these love languages. We may want to be loved in all these ways.

But, maybe there is that one love language that matters the most. For me, it is words of affirmation.

Actions speak louder than words, people may say. But words give a different magic that makes love more wonderful. It’s a different feeling to be assured everyday with words in a world where people seem to carelessly throw them.

Maybe your loved ones also want the love that reassures them everyday with words. The people you love maybe an overt-thinker. They maybe anxious and insecure at times. Let’s give them the love they deserve even if we’re not that good with this kind of love language.

My boyfriend is not an expressive person but he was willing to learn to tell me the words I needed to hear. And I think everyone deserves that kind of effort.

We should always remind how much they mean to us. We should always assure them when they’re having doubts. Random conversations, deep talks and just consistent greetings and reminders for them means a lot

Here are some words of affirmation that your lover may want to hear:

Tell me anything. I’ll always listen

Some people have it hard to express themselves. This words of affirmation should always be reminded. You have to constantly tell them that you’re open for conversations, especially when you notice that they’re acting differently.

I’ll always be patient and understanding

Your loved one may be anxious that they always worry that they’re maybe annoying you. So, tell them, you’re not going to lose your temper over such things. It gives them reassurance that you won’t leave because of their flaws and imperfections. (Of course, there are still toxic traits that needs understanding and correction)

You’re not a burden/You’re not a bother

Sometimes, I get worried that I may be taking too much of my boyfriend’s time and attention and sometimes he feels that he’s bothering me too. But, no, I never felt that way. When they think, they’re feeling anxious about that, don’t get mad. Just tell them sincerely that they’ll never be a burden.

You’re beautiful/pretty/cute/handsome

Compliments are not overrated. Looks may not be everything but some people are insecure about their own looks. It’s nice to be told that you look good. So, tell them everyday, at random times, how beautiful they are. Maybe flex them in your social media account, too, from time to time (if they’re comfortable with it).

I’m proud of you/ You did great

No matter how much your loved one has achieved, they may still feel that they aren’t to doing enough. Tell them they did great after working hard for the day. Tell them you’re always proud of them because they’re an incredible person. Tell them they’re doing fine and they’ll be better.

You’re important. I’m grateful of having you in my life

Some people may find this cheesy but maybe your loved one does not. Tell them they mean so much in your life and you can’t imagine a life without them. Make them feel that they’re needed.

I appreciate everything you do. I see your efforts

Our loved ones do so much for us. They give us so much love and we should be grateful about it. Let them know. Say thank you even in the little things. It’s not settling for the bare minimum, it’s just telling them that what they’re doing is not put to waste. It inspires them to do more.

We will always know that our love is strong. But our loved ones, because of their anxieties and insecurities, may not see how much we feel for them. But, words can help them see it.

So, tell them, everyday, that you love them. Be consistent with your every day greetings. Always tell them your ‘I love you’s’, ‘I miss you’s’ and ‘take care’s’.

They won't know unless you tell them. They won't feel assured if you're not consistent. The key in words of affirmation is consistency snd timing.

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Word of affirmation and quality time should do it for me, although the quality time should be like once a week or twice in a month, and I'd love to hear the things I feel I should hear from the one I love and she loves me in return I shouldn't be saying all the things and I ain't hearing nothing in return lool. So yeah I guess that does it for me

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11 months ago

It's really hard for me to express myself in words, but I still love to give affirmations to my love ones, but maybe act of service is my love language.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Acts if service are beautiful too. It speaks a lot of a person's character. You can see how kind and compassionate they are if this is their love language.

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11 months ago

Hi Coffeejelly! What a sweet name :) My love language is words of affirmation as well. Ever since I read that book by Gary Chapman, it dawned on me that we really are wired differently, so love is expressed and interpreted differently :) I love it when people encourage me and lift up my spirits. It's fun to receive gifts, yes, but to me, encouraging words count more!

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11 months ago

Love actions should be accompanied by words. We need these words. It's nice reading your article 🧡

$ 0.01
11 months ago

Actions are confusing without words to clarify them. It is always important to accompany our actions with words and vice versa. Thank you for reading 💛

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11 months ago