What Makes A Best Friend The Best?

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11 months ago

There is that one friend that feels like your soulmate.

That one friend that we’ll never feel distant no matter what happens.

That one friend that feels like home, a friend that’s more than just one family.

And I met that one friend of mine today. I had a date with my best friend today.

We met December last year so it’s been long since we have seen each other. But, that’s normal for us. We’re busy in school and our schedules don’t really match. It’s also hard to go out when you have no money. Me and my best friend are always broke so we don’t met up often.

Nonetheless, we’re still good friends. Our relationship is peaceful and no stress. We like to chill together and eat good food but we also get sad together when things are tough.

We’ve been planning to meet today and we almost gave up our plan because it started raining hard. Good thing it ended soon and we were able to go the café we intended.

We had our quality time. And as we go on with our date, I felt grateful to have a friend like her.

I only have a few friends and I consider her as the best friend.

Every friend is special and the best in their own ways. But, there is that one friend that will make you feel different.

So, what makes a friend become the best of friends?

You’ve been friends for a long, long time

Time may not be a concrete indicator of how strong your relationship is because even if you spent only a short time together, you may have spent that time memorably.

But, being friends with someone for a long time means having the time to know each other, build trust, make memories and strengthen your bond.

We’ve known each since we were 4 but we only got close almost 10 years after. We’ve been friends for 8 years. At school, we were always together and we would hangout after school. And at home, we chat to talk about our crushes and school struggles. And we still continue to talk about random things these days.

You feel free to talk about your thoughts and even your secrets

If that friend is someone you are so comfortable to even tell your insecurities and weird personality, then he or she might be your best friend.

A best friend is someone who makes you feel that you can be yourself.

I can always tell my best friend anything, even the things I should not be telling anyone.

You can only have a friend like that when you have established trust between you. You earn that together by loyalty and proving that everything you talk about is between you only. That is why time is important.

Always ready to listen and comfort you

A friend is someone who is there for you during tough times.

A best friend is someone who never gets tired of being there for you even if it’s the same problems you tell.

I can always tell my best friend my worries even if I always tell those every day. She always listens and she tells me things too.

We also comfort each other when things get tough. When we went to college, we got separated. We struggled so much and was so busy but we tried our best to motivate each other to keep going.

A best friend is someone who can spend his or her precious time to talk with you. Even when you haven’t seen each for so long, you still have the same bond.

Knows you too well

Of course, if your best friend does not even know you so much, maybe you should think of going back to the top and get to know you.

Your best friend knows your usual expressions, mannerisms and reactions.

Sometimes, they could even predict what you’re going do next and guess what you’re thinking.

My best friend knows me too much that she doesn’t even get surprised when I do something crazy because I’m like that.

These are the things that you should also have to become the best friend.

There are so much other things that makes a best friend the best. You should do your best to maintain friendships that are worthy of keeping.

Make sure to build your relationship with respect, trust and love.

I was actually planning to post this yesterday but I accidentally slept while I was writing 😭

I hope you will rest well this weekend too everyone! Stay safe!

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11 months ago


I think it's about time for me to talk to my elementary best friend again. We didn't had arguments or whatsoever but we went to different schools in high school which is I think the reason why we became distant.

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11 months ago

But, hopefully, you'll be able to reestablish your bond soon. I wish you all the best 💛

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11 months ago

I also have a bestfriend but he's too faraway right now. I really miss him so much. Luckily, I have my other friends who's always there beside me. I am so thankful that I have them in my life.

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11 months ago

Friends are the best gifts in our life. We should treasure and cherish them always, even when they are far away from us.

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11 months ago

Hay this made me miss my bestfriend more.

We lucky to have long term friendships. Naaalala ko yung napanuod ko sa kmjs na matatandang beshies hhiihihihi

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11 months ago

Besties are for life talaga. Sana makapagmeet na din kayo at makapagcatch up. Worth it lumabas basta with friends 🥰

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11 months ago

It's been a long time since I've been together with my best friends and I'm planning to see them later. I just hope it will not rain. Regardless of the months or days that you don't see each other, they're still be your best friends no matter what.

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11 months ago

Truly, best friends never cease to be our best friends no matter the distance. We'll always feel the same connection even after not being able to meet for a long time. You should plan for tour next hangout!

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11 months ago

I totally agree with all those qualities. I only have 2 close friends aside from my work friends now. I miss her because we barely have the chance to hang out due to work schedules.

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11 months ago

It's really hard to match time with your friends when you're too busy. But, we can still check each other from time to time and talk about random things. I hope you can hangout too! Talking face to face feels better and happier.

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11 months ago