What is It Like to Be in College: A Day in a Life of an Accountancy Student

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We spend six years in elementary education, then another six years in secondary education. And then additional four years or more for tertiary education. Yes, almost half of our lives are spent on becoming student.

It is tiring sometimes, it feels like we just keep repeating things over and over. Sometimes, I say “I’m so done with this!” in my mind when all I am doing are school requirements every day. But, after high school, I still opted to go into college. After suffering so much in high school, I still had the guts to enter college.

High school was stressful but that did not stop me from being a student again in college. Why? Why did I sign up myself for extra years of studying? Well, I need to. If I will not study, I may not get a job that will support me. I am doing this for myself and my family. So, I braved another years of misery. I know some of you can relate with this but some cannot.

You may be thinking how it is. How is it to become a college student? What does a college student do?

Well, I’ll give you a glimpse by showing you my daily life.

If you have read my past article, I have said that I am an Accountancy student already in third year. I never really dreamed of becoming one. When we were young, our dreams change as times pass by. I wanted to become a nurse at first and even dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. I didn’t even know accountants exist. When I discovered it, I got interested and then I got into a college course for.

So here it goes… a day in the life of an accountancy student.

My body clock wakes me up at 6 AM but I still try to sleep for 30 minutes more because I usually sleep at midnight, studying. Since our class starts at 7:30 and we’re still having online classes, I don’t need to prepare much. I try to have quality time with my boyfriend in the morning and then go to breakfast. My mom prepares breakfast a little late so I join our virtual class meetings while eating.

So, an accountancy student starts her day with virtual class at 7:30 AM. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

After a draining synchronous virtual class, I try to rest for a little bit because we have an hour and a half vacant time before our next class. But, a vacant time is not really vacant. I use it to review for my upcoming class. I try to study again the activities we answered because we will sure get asked by that. You would not want to be grilled by your instructor during class.

After that, we’ll have our lunch break for a little bit then I have another vacant for more than an hour. But then again, free time does not mean freedom. I review our next topic so I would get ready for the lecture. Instructors usually call you to recite and if you’re not prepared, your grades will suffer.

My study habits includes making notes of the topic so I can really remember what I studied for.

Reading is not enough.

You have to understand it by putting what you’ve learned in a way that it is easier to understand. I write notes to make wordy discussions a little simpler and for additional information I have researched.

Then, I’ll go to class again. I listen really well and try to recite. You need to let your instructors know you and know that you are capable. You have to give them an idea that you are a good student by being prepared of recitation.

After another draining class, I’ll finally finish my day schedule. Unlike high school students, we only have like three or four classes a day but each of them demand so much of your attention. We have a lot of free time but we use it to prepare. A tiring day every day.

At night, I need to do some activities for tomorrow class. I answer some exercises and review to prepare for tomorrow. I usually sleep late because of it. If there is no exercises, sometimes, I need to review for an upcoming quiz.

College life is non-stop hustle and hassle.

Sometimes we have freer schedule but most of the time, we are cramming.

But all of this hard work is an effort to build a better future. I do my best to study hard to not waste my parents sacrifices and not compromise my future.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post much these past days. I was busy doing school works. I'll definitely be active this weekend. I hope you're all doing well!

All photos are mine.

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We'll get that title soon! Padayon, future CPA!

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11 months ago

Thank you ♥️ Lapit na maging CPA. Laban lang

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11 months ago

Just keep fighting bestie! We will reach our dreams soon!

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11 months ago

Soon bestie! Let's keep doing our best

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11 months ago

Kaya mo yan girl! Pagbutihin ang studies lablab!

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11 months ago

Thank youuu ♥️ Kinakaya pa naman hahaha para sa future

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