Society Cannot Live Without Biodiversity

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Ever since the world began, nature has provided us everything we need. Every breath we take, every drop we drink, every bite we eat - it all comes from nature. Our nature's biodiversity is what has kept us alive all these times.

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth - from humans, plants, animals and to organisms we know little about, such as microbes and fungi. This comprises the diversity of the ecosystem, genes, and cultures, as well as the relationships between these and all other species.

The different life forms in our environment makes our world more beautiful. Take a look around you.

See the wonder of our verdant and wide plains, tall and majestic trees, infinite and glistening seas as well as different animals with their own unique beauty.

Isn't it incredible that we are a part of this beautiful diversity?

We, humans, are interconnected with the biodiversity around us. Human actions, beliefs, and knowledge influence, and in turn are influenced, by the natural systems of which human communities are a part of. This connection makes all biodiversity and cultural ties to the places we inhabit, whether nearby or in other countries, important to our wellbeing since they all contribute to preserving a planet that is diverse and healthy.

Human society was able to emerge because of our rich biodiversity. Like a car without its key, there is no society.

Our societal needs have been provided by nature around us such as food, fuel, shelter, and medicine. The different plants that we grow, such as rice, vegetables and fruits provide us with nutrients that keep us healthy. The trees provide shade for us and also become wood for our homes and furniture. Those diseases and sickness that appear have been cured by medicines derived from our biodiversity. With our biodiversity supporting our basic societal needs, we become a healthy society that progresses smoothly without worrying about our fundamental necessities.

We rely on nature wherever we live, whether in a city, town, or village. Every individual needs healthy and prosperous economies that are supported by biodiversity. The decisions we make today as consumers, businesses, governments, and a society are affected by biodiversity.

Without biodiversity, we cannot function as a human society.

Last but not least, we can also view the importance of biodiversity through the prism of the connections we create and pursue with one another and the rest of nature. We may appreciate biodiversity because it influences societal norms, our sense of self, and our interactions with others. These relational values are part of peoples’ individual or collective sense of wellbeing, accountability for, and relationship with the environment.The various values associated with biodiversity are significant because they can affect the daily choices our society makes.

Thus, we must take active part in this endeavor by identifying and conserving vanishing plant and animal species.

However, humans have been causing massive and rapid loss of biodiversity on our planet. Growing human population, overconsumption and destructive industrialization constitute the underlying reasons of biodiversity loss. Habitat loss and fragmentation, unsustainable resource use, invasive species, pollution, and global climate change are all caused by our carelessness. Even though we cannot live without our nature's biodiversity, we are the ones who bring its ruin and cause it's discontinuity.

Before it is too late, we must act to protect our biodiversity. Before we regret everything, we must do what we can do.

We are the threat to our own environment when all our environment has done was keep us alive.

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