My Perception of Life and Art

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We all view things differently. We may have similarities, but I still think we have unique perspectives.

I am to share my own outlook about art and life.

What is art for me?

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Art is how we answer to the questions that the world puts in front of us.

When faced with challenges, we use different materials available and accessible to us. Using these materials, we make new things that will help us handle these challenges that we face. That is how we make art. That is how artists used their creativity to make art that have helped our society develop.

Through art, we can give responses to the things that life throws at us. We become artists when we make art when we experiences different emotions due to our surroundings.

When we are overwhelmed with our feelings, we respond through drawing, painting, composing songs and writing. Art are the things we make to deal with the things we encounter everyday.

In my own experience, art is truly my response to my life experiences.

When everything surrounds me feels suffocating and pressure, I get my pencil and paper and sketch to ease my mind. When I crave for peace and solace, I get my hook and my yarns to crochet cute things. When I was heartbroken and lonely, I made poems. I wrote my pain in paper to face the emotions that taking over me. It helped me not lose myself.

Art was my answer when life throws unanswerable questions to me.

Even when I was experiencing happiness and love, art was still my response. I wrote poems and letters, hoping to materialize those beautiful feelings I was experiencing. Without art, I would not be able to deal with those different experiences.

What is my concept of a good life?

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My concept of good life is a simple life of happiness. Good life does not have to be sophisticated. I do not need to be rich like a billionaire. I only need enough.

Good life is where I can live with comfort and where I am contented. I can say I am living a good life as long as I am contented and comfortable of the way I live.

In a clip from the movie, Little Forest, the female lead came back to her hometown. We can see that it was not as industrialized as the cities. The place is rural. All you see are green fields and verdant trees. She cooks her own meal from the vegetables she herself grew. She has also a dog that serves as her best friend. I think the life she has is the good life I aspire to have.

Life becomes more comfortable when we are close to nature. Living in a place filled with trees and green sceneries is refreshing. The cool breeze and clean air soothes the soul.

Growing your own food makes us independent. It makes us more thankful to the things that we have because we know it is us that worked hard for it. We can have any food we want because we can make it. We have enough. Having these simple things is contentment for me.

Seeing the woman, smiling while riding her bicycle made me think that she is really living the best life she can. I think the same too.

Someday, I will find a home close to nature, having my own garden that my family and I have grown. We will have pets we can play around. We will spend our days cooking the food we want and doing the things we want.

I have been resting during these days. Thanks to, I have an outliet of these thoughts that run through my head.

Good days ahead, everyone.

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It's true my friend. I experience with it whatever the emotions I had it will reflect that drawing I had also. Everytime I was happy my drawing could explain to it also.

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6 months ago

I wish you will have that dream of yours. A place that is close to nature. You make to make it happen, you deserve it.

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6 months ago