Disappointments and Disbelief: What Elections Made me Realize

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10 months ago

Democracy is wasted when people are brimming with ignorance and idiocy.

Democracy is nothing but a curse when citizens do not have a single care on knowing who to choose. Democracy is just a blackhole when all we do is give positions to the undeserving ones.

Democracy could have been a gift, a blessing, for us to choose the right people to lead us. We could have chosen the people who have clean hands and concrete plans. We could have chosen those who have high credentials and education. But, all we do is put questionable people in position.

Democracy gives us chances to have good governance, an administration that puts the citizen’s sake first. But, all we have done is vote for people who just ran for their self-interests.

This elections have been nothing but a disappointment. We proved to be a country, undeserving of the blessing of democracy. We proved ourselves to be the ruiners of our own futures

Imagine, we could have candidates who have served the public with compassion throughout the years, but all we have chosen are candidates who already have famous names. And these famous names have no good reputation and qualifications accompanying it.

Hearts are broken. Hope has dimmed. The things that the youth have fought for were just trashed and crumpled by the older generations who are victims and willing prey of misinformation.

Is it so hard to look at credible sources and know what there is to know of a candidate? Is it so hard not to rely solely on posts on social media platforms but look for more contexts and details? Is it so hard to know more about the truth?

Maybe, it’s really hard when the truth is just negativity we must ignore. We are so desperate for a positive change that we overlook the stinking truth of these undeserving candidates. But, that’s just toxic and maybe, ignorant.

We are so known of our resilience that we have continuously depend on our resilience to suffer the consequences of our decisions. We are in an abusive relationship with our government. We keep getting hurt, violated and treated poorly, yet we keep on electing back these officials. We keep voting for them and just rely on our so-called resilience.

We wish for change, but we don’t work for it. We wish for a bright future, but we don’t care about our present.

Our decisions now are made for maybe a single minute of shading ballots. But, our decisions now affect more than our present. It affects our future. It affects the next six years. Truth to be told, it affects our life more than six years from now. It has a long term impact, affecting our sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.

Are we too lazy to realize our dream of a bright future? Are we too prideful to change our stance once we are proven wrong?

When you have voted for an undeserving person and they have won, do not feel victorious. Do not celebrate. It is only them who have won. And, we citizens, like always, are on the losing side.

We have the power to change the people who would lead us, but that power is wasted on us when we keep on messing up.

Another coming years of hardships awaits us. It is such a shame to waste once in a lifetime candidates because we keep fooling ourselves. We don’t know how worse the next few years will be.

It was wistful thinking to wish we’re already tired of the same politics. It was too much expectation that we won’t let ourselves be fooled by what is spread on the Internet.

After we have already come from a term of disappointment, we are nearing another one.

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Disclaimer: No names are stated. These are just personal feelings and it is our freedom to express them.

It is better to have healthy discourse when there are disagreements.

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