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Why it makes sense for me to become defensive investor

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4 months ago

I am a full-time developer and have very limited time to actually evaluate all the stocks which I have to keep in my portfolio because finding the best-performing stocks or tracking markets will take time and thus with limited time in my hand I might not be able to find that particular news. But what I know is that someone out there is doing all these and my primary focus should be to generate above-average returns.


In my scenario what I should do is to create a permanent scenario that requires very little effort or no effort and thus my investment strategy is to invest as much as possible and get above-average returns and can beat inflation. Along with that I will diversify my investment with a good ratio of equity and debt as well as do all the basics of investment right. The good thing about this is that I have values simplicity as well as the simplest approach of investing without going into fancy investment on adding everything in my portfolio in a hope that some investment can bring me a fortune.

Again I am talking about my investment which purely revolves around Indian shares and other things. I have to keep something off my radar so that it will be less time-consuming. Again I am not saying that we should not invest our time in maintaining the portfolio but if the time can be utilized by someone who is a professional why now use them and the time left can help you to make more money as we all know that time is wealth.

If I have to study the market and create the portfolio which will easily take a lot of my time and thus the benefit of that is that I will be getting much more return than what can be generated by the defensive apporach. But the problem is we need excellent knowledge of investing to start with and should have a lot of time. If someone lacks any of these two i.e. knowledge or time, defensive approach is best for him. Just like me, I do not have excellant knowledge on finding the best stocks ordo not have much time so for me, a defensive approach is best to start with.

Since investing is not my professional yet, and I can spend that time in doing something more predictable so the best thing to do is to go with defensive approach. Getting good returns will create wealth but again the time saved can spend on getting more income which in turn will give more money to invest.

So that's why I do not chase or spent a lot of time to find that multiblagger stock, for me going through the defensive approach is much better option. Now how to do defensive approach is like buying ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Active Mutual Funds and other things where my involvement will be once or twice a year for portfolio rebalance or other things and thus the time saved can be used to earn more money.

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4 months ago
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