Yes We Know! The World is Going to End! (An Opinion Piece)

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1 year ago

I have written articles published around the web on this topic. I have left passionate comments in forum and other social communities. I know I have said this before. But I am going to repeat myself because … IT BEARS REPEATING!!

  • In October 1957, the Russians launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, into space.

  • Determined not to be outdone or left behind, the USA ... launched its first satellite, Explorer 1, in January 1958.

Source: The Benefits of Space Exploration

From the 1950s and forward, governments have continued the space exploration efforts, regardless of the consequences and its impact on humankind.

Because of sending rockets into outer space, somewhere along humanity's timeline the ozone layer in the atmosphere was punctured. That is is the reason why we are experiencing global warming and other changes in our climate, which many people choose to DENY and prefer to call the plain evidence of climate change a HOAX. (Basic Ozone Layer Science)

It's the 21st century and governments continue to build more rockets and blast off into space. Now China is in the game. (Latest News About China Space Program) Even private individuals and corporations funding space exploration because the wealthy have a lot money to buy expensive toys. But they don't have enough playgrounds or rather “play spaces” to have fun on earth. “SpaceX is just a toy!” (You can quote me on that. I'm not worried that Elon Musk will sue me. If you press him hard enough on the matter, he'll likely admit it.)

Moving on. Political leaders, government officials and private wealthy citizens of this world intend to keep messing up the AIR WE BREATHE and engaging in other activities to DESTROY THE ECOSYTEM.

They have decided to chase after THE IMPOSSIBLE by exploring other planets like Mars to see if we can go live there instead. (If we move to Mars … WE MIGHT DIE!!) They choose to IGNORE the obvious scientific fact that only other M-class planets where humans can live are fiction and exist only in Star Trek fictional TV series and movies, and other works of science fiction.

There are no “other planets”, “other worlds” or even “other people” (we call them 'aliens').

Quite frankly, if there are aliens, if they are smart and they see the humans coming … they better run and hide OR prepare themselves for WAR. Because no matter what we humans may say to the aliens when we go there … we won't COME IN PEACE! We're coming to TAKE OVER!! Look at the history of mankind and how we treat our fellow human beings. Our bad behavior will not change just because we encounter alien beings.

So the question is not: Is this world going to end?

The answer is YES. Everything in life as we know it has a beginning and an end.

The question is: How much damage are we going to do to our only planet to make it a desolate, miserable and almost uninhabitable place, while we are still living here BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS?


It's the only planet with trees! When Noah sent the birds out, the little dove brought back a tree leaf. Leaf = Life!!

Since ALL of the end-times predictions so far have been WRONG, let us cease and desist the continuous erroneous predictions of The Apocalypse (Definition 1: the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation).

Why not put all of our time, money, effort and energy into to PREVENTING The Other Apocalypse (Definition 2: an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale)?

Don't you get it?

There are no aliens. There's only US! Earth Day is every day!

We are the custodians of Planet Earth and the real guardians of the Universe!


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There are many movements around the internet recently, advocating global reform to avoid global warming. Some are showing how clean each country's atmosphere is or how polluted it got through the years. The good thing is when the pandemic has spread and people's activities have reduced, the pollution in the atmosphere has also reduced. So I think, even though the pandemic has brought a lot of misfortune to us, there are still some good benefits that we can gain from it.

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