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Why Noise.Cash is Number 1 on My Top 10 List of Social Sites

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1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)

How a social platform that was launched in December 2020 made its way to Number 1 on my list of best social platforms.

If you look at all the lists that are published about the “best” social media or social networking platforms or social sites, you’ll see most of the sites on my list below are also on these “official” lists EXCEPT ONE.

That “ONE” is on my unofficial list for 1st Place.

  1. The 1st Place ribbon goes to NOISE.CASH. Are you looking for friends to share your love for anything and everything? Make friends in this global social community. The PLUS is that you can make friends and earn Bitcoin Cash. For these reasons, Noise.Cash made its way to 1st place on my list and it will likely stay there FOREVER! 😊

  2. Twitter is in 2nd place ~ I have been active since 2012. I have one main account and 5 niche accounts. It is great for my affiliate marketing purposes and for sharing links to my websites, blogs, and articles. My main account has over 2000 followers. I might as well stay! Twiiter Owner Jack Dorsey might actually go through with his plans to allow people to receive tips for their tweets. (Jack Dorsey: Twitter May Let Users Get Tips From Their Followers | BusinessInsider)

  3. Facebook is in 3rd place ~ Been with Facebook since 2009. In addition to my profile, I have several business pages and I am active in various groups. But I find Facebook's Content Monetization Rules sort of bothersome. Even if I did not have all of that to consider, I have to stay on Facebook because it’s the only social network where I can talk to certain friends.

  4. Tumblr and Pinterest tied for 4th place ~ I use Tumblr because they have an easy sharing function that works in conjunction with Twitter and it helps me keep my Twitter feed populated and active. I use Pinterest because when they first started they approved my personal account and then later on allowed me to convert to a business account at no charge. Like Twitter, I also use Pinterest for affiliate marketing purposes.

  5. LinkedIn is in 5th place ~ It’s a professional network and I use my profile like a resume.

  6. Instagram is in 6th place ~ I use it for affiliate marketing; but not much else.

  7. MyLot and ForumCoin are tied in 7th place. ~ These are both fun communities where I can earn a little extra cash for chatting. I have to stay at MyLot because I have friends there who are nowhere else on the Internet (although I did manage to convince some of them to join Noise.Cash). The added plus with ForumCoin is that people share the different legitimate ways they find to make money online and alert you to scams. People were ForumCoin were talking about Noise.Cash. Did I say "talking about"? The FC discussion thread is 106 pages. When people talk about a site that much, you have to come and see.

  8. I am on Reddit but don’t really use it. I just want to have a profile there because other people are there! It contributes to my online presence.

  9. RedGage is not all that. It says you can earn money but I’ve never been paid. Nevertheless, I use it because it saves my content. One time I was at a site that shut down and all of my content disappeared. But a determined Google search resulted in finding a copy of my work atRedGage. Whew! That was not planned. But I sure was happy!

  10. BeerMoneyForum is a community that I joined in 2018 but became inactive (personal reasons) and then I started back up again. They kept my account open and it was like I had never left. This is a forum similar to ForumCoin in that the members help each other learn how to make money online. One cool thing is that when you are ready to exchange the BMF points you earned, the owner will pay you in Bitcoin Cash if you request it. Mr. B gets my 2 Thumbs Up for that! 👍 👍 (NOTE: You don’t have to drink beer to join. That’s just the name of the forum. 😊)

📌 Here is an article that lists 103 social media sites. 103????

103+ Social Media Sites You Need to Know in 2021

Uumm … Noise.Cash is not on this list. This platform was just launched in December 2020. Right now it has close to 300K members. If it keeps up with the rapid growth rate, maybe within a year it will be on an “official” list somewhere! Noise.Cash is in its beginning stages; but it is growing and its future looks bright!”

P.S. The partner site, Read.Cash is an excellent publishing platform for bloggers and article writers.

That’s my list. What’s on your list?



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Thanks for reading.

NOTE: My original content which appears at My Blogging World.

Find me on Noise.Cash.

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Written by   99
1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)
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Noise has all the "goods," so to speak. I have pretty much left Twitter and Facebook (although I still have accounts) due to the censorship nature of them, and certain things they have engaged in which I find alarming and abhorrent. But that's for another day. Many of the others you mentioned I am not part of at all.

I am still on MyLot, but I have shied from it a bit, focusing more of my time and energy on noise and read, preferring these two platforms over MyLot currently.

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1 year ago

Noise.Cash and Read.Cash are the kind of social communities that I have been searching for all along. Earning while socializing. I'm glad somebody latched on to the idea and brought it to fruition. 👍👍

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1 year ago

You and me both. :)

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1 year ago number 1! For it is the only social site where we can interact, enjoy, post, find happiness, have new friends, stare at good views and earn money at the same time. Noise.cssh is number 1 for me also

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1 year ago

I can't even remember the last time I visited my Facebook and WhatsApp account ever since the inception of as the only social site that is currently giving me joy

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1 year ago