Why Am I Here? (Why I Am at Read.Cash and Noise.Cash.)

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2 years ago

I was going to leave a comment at this article Are You Only at Noise.cash for the Free Tips? However, as I started writing my comments kept getting longer and longer. I decided to publish an article instead.

So in response to the question which is also the article's title, the short answer is: “NO”.

The long answer is:

What are Free Tips??????

Noise,Cash is the first site I joined that ever had a feature called “Free Tips”. I was quite surprised when I saw it the first time. I scratched my head and was like: “Let me get this straight. You're GIVING me tips to GIVE to others?” Then my next reaction was: “OK! Cool beans!

But let me back up a little bit.

* * *
BACKGROUND INFO: My Introduction to Noise.Cash:

There was a friend at another site where I was publishing content who encouraged me to join Read.Cash. When I created an account at this site, there is this banner at the top of page, saying that if I wanted to earn for writing short posts, then register to create an account at the partner site, Noise.Cash. I didn't jump right away. I had just signed up for Read.Cash and didn't know yet what to do here. How am I going jump over to another site?? (I'm kind of slow sometimes.)

Meanwhile, when not at Read.Cash, I am very active in different forums, online writing communities, and social blogging sites. In one of the forums, there is huge buzz about Noise.Cash. One of the forum members finally persuaded me to join Noise.Cash.

I started “making noise” immediately. It was fantastic! It was just like tweeting on Twitter. Only better! Because you can earn BCH.

OK. Now we can loop around and go back to the beginning where I was introduced to Free Tips. I followed the instructions in the message. It basically said “Give tips, to get tips.” So that's what I did.!

I also read the Site Rules. It said no begging for tips, no begging for subscribers, etc. SO I DIDN'T! Hey! It's the rules. Although I did notice that lots and lots and lots of users totally ignore those rules, I followed the rules. I figure the rules are there for a reason. That reason being: To maintain order at the site, encourage users to post quality content, interact courteously and respectfully with others, earn some Bitcoin Cash, and have a good time!

* * *
An Unsolved Mystery:

When I first started at Noise.Cash, I used to get Free Tips almost every day. I would tip users who were posting … what “I thought” was quality content. Maybe the Tip Givers don't agree with me. Whatever the reason, I can not possibly be at Noise.Cash for the Free Tips because … for almost a week I have not gotten any! (I don't know why.)

I do know that users continued to tip my content and I am very appreciative of that. For that reason, even if I had no Free Tips, I kept on making noise because I was being given tips.

What was I supposed to do? LEAVE??

One of my friends who stopped receiving Free Tips did leave. But … but … but … Why should I leave? I'm still earning BCH. I'm still having FUN! I tried to use that QR Code to tip but it never worked! It's not like I'm being deliberately selfish!

It used to be that I could post content freely, easily renoise, reply, etc. But now there's some sort of “timer” that goes off. Not sure how it's triggered. It's a new feature … I'm guessing. I am guessing because I don't remember reading any updates about this. All I know is I get this red-letter message saying that I am posting too fast AND I never used to get a message like that before. So? It must be “new”. Right?

I don't know. There are some things I can not explain. For the present, for me, it is an unsolved mystery.

* * *
But here is my FINAL ANSWER:

Am I at Noise.Cash for the Free Tips? NO. I am at Noise.Cash because I was allowed to create an account. I have not been banned and my account has not been deleted. So if the owners and administrators are allowing me to sign in every day, hang out, educate and entertain myself, and earn Bitcoin Cash … if they want to be gracious, I am going to accept their generosity. Period! (Noise.Cash Should Be Everyone's Favorite Microblogging Platform.)

If it weren't for them I probably wouldn't know anything about Bitcoin Cash and how awesome it is!! Even if they took away my account privileges … and they can do what they like because it's their platform … I have already learned about Bitcoin Cash. I am extremely grateful for the education and the experience. I wouldn't be walking away empty-handed. I have been blessed.

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2 years ago


You allude to one thing many of us think about when we enter any site that pays anything at all. "The fun factor." Which also happens to be what a lot of people miss. Sure, we all like to make money. It's just a bit of human nature. But of course, places like this are not jobs, and the money we make will not be life altering.

So, we just have as much fun as we can, and let the pennies happen as they may.

And actually, when you consider the fun factor more the money factor, a funny thing just sort of happens. And this has been my experience on almost every single paying site that I have ever participated on.


Because people tend to notice it when you are real, when you are being genuine, when what you share is obvious it is something you want people to see and read. Not just something to get one more post out to get more pennies.

I think you explained it very well here, and I found it a very interesting read. And I say that with honesty. Not in any attempt to get upvotes, or tips from users who find my comment brilliant. lol

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1 year ago

That's the spirit! I can feel your determination.

I think nothing can beat a person who is determined enough (sure there are obstacles and in the course of trying to battle it, we find ourselves defeated, unable to rise again). And that's the good thing in life, we have choices at hand, and we can always direct those choices to make the best things in life. And the "best" doesn't necessarily mean "wealth". Because as long as we're happy and contented, what's more to ask?

Keep the spirit! :)

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2 years ago