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What's Up with Social Media?

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2 months ago

I used the words "What's Up" because I was sort of playing with the word "WhatsApp". No doubt Zuckerberg thought it was cute when he came up with that name. I never bothered to make an account I already had Facebook and Instagram. I didn't want to be bothered with another social app.

Honestly! These days, it's hard for me to get excited about any tech news regarding social media apps. But I do keep track of significant events as historical markers. Years (or possible even months) from a certain date I refer back and say to myself: "Yeah. I remember when they said ________ was going to happen."

A short while ago, an announcement was made that Elon Musk purchased Twitter and on the same date it was announced that Jack Dorsey, the former owner of Twitter, was building a new social app called Blue Sky. I signed up to participate in the testing phase. I have not heard a word about it! I was kind of hoping they were going to get to work on it right away. I am very curious to see if this app will be better!

Meanwhile, I did not overreact to anything Musk did as the new Twitter owner. I have multiple Twitter accounts; never had one of those accounts with the blue check marks, and my followers still grow at a snail's pace after almost 10 years of being on that platform. In other words, regards my Twitter activity, everything is the same as it ever matter who owns it!

YAU! (Not Yikes!) That means ... Yet Another Uproar! Elon Musk let Donald Trump back onto the Twitter platform. This decision sparked OUTRAGE! But WAIT!! Before this decision was made, there was a brew ha ha about some site called Mastadon. Supposedly everyone was going to move over there.

I popped over to see what it was all about and ... frankly I was not impressed. I decided not to create an account. (Yawn.)

Good thing I made the decision not to move to Mastadon because guess what! After the outrage of reinstating Trump's Twitter account, the tech news said there was an uptick in people creating accounts at Hive Social. So now the headlines read:

So! I pop over to this Hive Social to see what it's all about. Again. I was not impressed. (Yawn.) But the impression created from visiting the platform had nothing to do with comparing it to Twitter. I decided not to create an account because the Hive Social app does not have a desktop version. Most of my social media activity is done using my laptop. For any social sites where I have an account there is both a mobile version and a desktop version. If the developers and designers of a platform do not accommodate old folks like me who use laptops, I move on. Anyway! If you curious, this is an interesting article.

Finally, I stumble across this humorous headline. (Well! I thought it was funny.)

"If Twitter dies"????? Don't make me laugh. This is such as worthless hypothetical "What If" scenario. Why would anybody even ask the question? I mean ... I'm not a prophet, but I'm pretty sure that Antarctica would become a tropical paradise BEFORE Twitter dies! (NOTE: Most people use the expression "When hell freezes over." But in addition to tech articles, I also read a lot of science articles. There are some articles discussing a heat wave in Eastern Antarctica. So I just wanted to reference that event somehow. Because ... I also don't think that Antarctica will be melting any time soon. And even if it does, Twitter will still be HOT! No matter who owns it. 😄 😄)

Yes I know that many social media platforms have come and gone. Yes I know you should never say "never". But! I'm going to say it. Twitter will never die! There could be some new social apps that come along and those apps might provide "healthy competition" for Twitter. I'm all for that! Healthy competition in the business world has always been way better than monopolies because it forces businesses to compete for the consumer's love and affection.

Let's face it. None of these platforms would exist if consumers thought they sucked!! In my humble opinion, a lot of consumers really like Twitter! There is as much chance of Twitter dying as there is of Antarctica becoming "the new Hawaii".

Why do I insist on believing this?

Let's do a Contrast and Compare. Let's contrast and compare Facebook, now known as Meta, to Twitter, still known as Twitter!

The other day it was announced that Zuckerberg would be laying off thousands of workers. Evidently, his investment in the metaverse is not generating the profit he had hoped for. In fact, the news report said "For the first nine months of the year, Meta lost $9.4 billion on its metaverse unit ...".

Here comes my flawless logic. The news report did not say "Meta died!"

If a corporation can lose billions of dollars and not go out of business, why should I even entertain the thought of "the death of Twitter"? Give me break! Ask a question that makes sense! Don't be blowing smoke in my face!

Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion. He has floated the possibility that by next year, 2023, Twitter may file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy? Uh huh. How may times did Trump file for bankruptcy? (Find answer here.) And yet ... Trump Tower in New York is still standing and Trump still lives in Mar-a-Lago in Florida with his trophy wife and ... he has announced that he will be running for President of the United States!

Musk says Twitter might file for bankruptcy? SO WHAT!! Musk did not say "Twitter will die in the year 2023". And do you know why? Because he KNOWS, if push comes to shove, he can always play his "Let's Make A Deal" card and sell it!!

(Yawn.) 🥱🥱🥱

These are my observations and random thoughts. This article serves as another one of my historical markers. The Twitter purchase and Blue Sky app announcements were made on October 28, 2022. From that date to today's date, November 22, 2022, look at what has happened. Wonder what news will break by the end of this year. Aren't you curious?

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   101
2 months ago
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