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What I say About Noise.Cash Behind Their Back

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6 months ago

Noise.Cash is not the only social network where I am an active member. I am in lots of social networks, groups, and forums. In one particular forum that I joined the members like to share their success stories. There is a very lively discussion thread there titled: What's your favorite social?

I answered the question and said: Noise.Cash was in 1st Place.

Then a fellow forum member who is also an active noise-maker said she agreed with me 100%. We both joined Noise.Cash at about the same time and experienced the various changes and improvements made to the platform. The most recent update eliminated the Free Tips (my NC history marker). I thought I would not like it, but to my surprise I think it's fabulous!

I am going to repeat myself and share the comments that I left behind in the forum. This is how I talk about Noise.Cash behind their back. LOL.

As for Noise.Cash, are you happy with the tipping arrangements?

I'm fine with them, because no matter how they do it, I'm still not using my own cryptocurrency and at the same time, I am earning BCH. Yesterday I was only signed in for a short term, posted some content, visited a few posts and earned 50 cents. I could do that all day on Twitter and never earn a penny!


For all of these years that I have been struggling to make money online, Noise.Cash is the best thing that ever happened to me. I think Noise.Cash should get an "Brilliant Innovation of the Year Award".”

So my question is: Is there such a thing as an Innovation Award?

The answer is: YES!

I don't know much about this award but I think both Noise.Cash and Read.Cash should get an award like this.

Don't you think so?

Award or no award, I'm doing a happy dance!

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I'm feeling a Pharrell vibe. ☺☺

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Written by   78
6 months ago
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