Twitter Versus Noise.Cash ~ A Quick Comparison to Get The Facts (Follow-Up)

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1 year ago

A few months back I published a quick comparison of Twitter Versus Noise.Cash. It didn't say much but it was enough to paint a picture. It was enough to convince me that I should remain active on both platforms. And I'm still convinced.


Reason 1: I am not leaving Twitter because several years of my life have been invested in Twitter. I have a primary account and several niche Twitter accounts, one of them wholly dedicated to keeping up with news on cryptocurrency and I can't just throw that all away.

Reason 2: While they have hope for the success of this platform and look forward to a prosperous future, the owners of this platform admit they are work-in-progress and still doing some “fine-tuning”.

Reason 3: Marc de Mesel has a Twitter account and if he's keeping his, I'm keeping mine. Since it's obvious that he is successful, I'm following his lead! 😊

Anyway! I like to play with numbers. Don't take this statistics (FACTS below) as final numbers. They're just “ballpark figures”. But again, they are enough to paint a picture for me.


By June 21, 2021, Twitter has 199 million users worldwide.

  • By the end of July 2021, Noise.Cash has 199 thousand users from around the world.


Twitter was launched in March 2006.

  • Noise.Cash started December 2020.

Twitter has been in operation for 189 months (16 years).

Approximately 52% of the users are in the USA. ~ Rough calculations mean that about 505 thousand are non-USA.

Over 189 months, Twitters averaged about 2500 non-USA users per month.

Most of Noise.Cash users are non-USA.

About 8 months, with a little over 199,000 users, Noise.Cash averaged 25000 users per month (give or take a few).

That indicates a growth rate of 10 times the amount of Twitter.

WHY such phenomenal growth?

I think it's GREAT PUBLICITY!!

I searched the Internet and they are lots of people saying good things about Noise.Cash. No kidding! You can read them for yourself.

This was my conclusion from my previous article.

I see no reason to choose. I plan to tweet and be a noisemaker.

It is too early to say whether Twitter will allow tips in various forms of currency (fiat, cryptocurrency, etc.) But if you are a Twitter user, why stop? Keep on tweeting.

If you are already signed up for Noise.Cash, then make some noise and earn BCH!

If you're not a registered NC user, after reading these facts, what exactly are you waiting for? (O.o)

I have not changed my mind.



P.S. If you have better, more accurate statistics feel free to share. I would not want to mislead anyone. ♥️♥️

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1 year ago


I do have accounts in both apps, too. I'm rarely using Twitter, so I guess it's fine.

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1 year ago

Well! A couple of my niche accounts were created for affiliate marketing and since Read.Cash and Noise.Cash don't allow these types of links, I share them via Twitter.

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1 year ago

Ah yes! Affiliate Marketing is prohibited here since the upvote system has started. In my case, I'm sharing those on Facebook.

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1 year ago

I have also used Facebook. But Twitter is easier. By contrast though, you can't earn Bitcoin Cash using Twitter (or Facebook). So you share affiliate links on Twitter to earn. You share content on Noise.Cash to earn BCH. It works out and it's a way to help us little people. LOL. 😋

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1 year ago

That's right! Telegram can help sometimes if you join some bots and airdrop channels.

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1 year ago

"By June 21, 2021, Twitter has 199 million users worldwide."

"Approximately 52% of the users are in the USA. ~ Rough calculations mean that about 505 thousand are non-USA.

hm? that should be about 100 million not 505 thousand. How did you come up with this number?

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1 year ago

You could be right. See the link I shared under RELATED LINKS? That's where I got the Twitter statistics. I figure my numbers might be off, but my logic makes sense. My logic is: Noise.Cash is very welcoming to non-USA members and does not have a language barrier. Twitter has been having some legal problems in certain countries. I read the other day that they lost a major case in India. Noise.Cash does not have those problems. (Not yet! Hopefully never!) Bottom line is: I THINK NOISE.CASH HAS TREMENDOUS GROWTH POTENTIAL. I sort of said that in a very round-about way. 😊 😊

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1 year ago

Completely agree with your conclussion about NoiseCash. It is as you said, you don't need to completely abandon Twitter. I haven't done that either, but, I am now spending most time on Noise instead.

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1 year ago