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Noise.Cash Should Be Everyone's Favorite Microblogging Platform

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7 months ago

Ch … Ch … Ch … Changes … at Noise.Cash ...

I have been an active user for a few months. Each day I sign in to Noise.Cash, I am hoping for a positive experience. My experience was great up until they tried to make those changes about Easter Sunday 2021 regarding “eligible” versus “uneligible” content. The owners and administrators decided the modification was not an improvement because they offended and alienated many loyal users. They erased their changes immediately.

You must applaud site owners who feel the pain of their users.

After that, it's been sort of a roller coaster ride for me. One day things are fine. Another day things are not so fine. (O.o)

I signed in shortly after the "eligible vs ineligible incident" and there was a problem with the Free Tips that I used to receive to tip others. That problem was quickly remedied within a few day, or so I thought. (???) It has been almost a week and I have not been awarded with any Free Tips. Nevertheless, I carry on.

I realized that the site owners were and are trying to get a handle on spammers and manage this problem before those users crash the entire site. I thought that perhaps I should do my part.

The “Search” function on Noise.Cash works quite well. It works so well, in fact, I actually found posts that had been copied from the original. No doubt about it. It was a copy and past job. I thought I was doing my part by using the button to Report such misdeeds.

I carried on with my usual noise-making, enjoying myself while educating myself. There are a lot of informative posts on Noise.Cash.

Today is April 16, 2021.

I signed in as I always do and … no sooner than I get started ...

  • First: I get messages saying that I am trying to post too fast.

  • Second: I get messages accusing me of spamming.

(Seriously? Twitter doesn't even do this to me. And I have automated posting.)

Is this any way to treat a loyal user?

If it were not for the fact that I realize the site owners are genuinely trying to I implement changes, improvements, and modifications that would make the the Noise.Cash even better than what it already is (because quite frankly I thought the site was pretty terrific) … I would be OFFENDED.

I am happy to experience “growing pains” along with the Noise.Cash platform owners. But its is kind of frustrating to get automated messages when I am trying to post constructive and positive content and comments.

Anyway! Regardless of what's going on and my discouraging experiences, is still on my list for favorites microblogging sites.

I will carry on until and unless I am asked to leave.

The adventures continue! 😻

NOTE: Is it possible for Noise.Cash, the team on Noise.Cash who manually checks accounts to review my account. I am unable to do anything except "Like" posts. You are not feeling my pain. NOT A HAPPY USER!


Any fans of the late David Bowie? This was one of favorite songs.

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Written by   78
7 months ago
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