My Mother Gave Me Life (A Fact Piece)

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Most of the time when I publish content because I feel strongly about an issue that is being hotly debated and the battles lines are drawn, and it's crystal clear that no matter who says “what”, neither side really has any intention of being persuaded to change their mind or position, I let readers know that I'm publishing “An Opinion Piece”. But I'm making an exception because I feel so strongly about this issue that I'm calling my position “A Fact Piece”.

There are a variety of hashtags in various social media posts: #Abortion#AbortionIsHealthcare#AbortionBan ... #ProLife#ProChoice … etc.

I would like to put a question to those SUPPORT ABORTION.

Why do all the commercials for any prescription medication have a WARNING which says “Do not take if pregnant or even thinking about getting pregnant as it may harm the unborn”?

They don't indicate how many weeks or which trimester or moment of conception. In fact, they back it up all the way to BEFORE you even get pregnant.

Why have that WARNING if the unborn is not alive?

I'll tell you why I THINK they say that. For the drug companies, it's not about PRO-LIFE or PRO-CHOICE. It's not about their ethics or morality or beliefs. Are they really trying to protect the "rights" of the unborn? Or is it that they just don't want to get SUED? Do they KNOW that the science proves that an “unborn” is living and can be harmed or injured? (#MyThoughts)

You could argue with the drug companies. You could say:

That WARNING statement is really much too broad. They should CLARIFY.

Which “unborn” could be harmed? A or B.

A. The unborn who is planned, wanted, and who will be loved.

B. The unborn who is unplanned, unwanted, inconvenient and who needs to be gotten rid of.

The public has a RIGHT TO KNOW!!

But I'll bet they won't delete that WARNING from their advertisements. No way! When there is a potential for a lawsuit that might result in them paying out millions of dollars in damages ... MONEY TALKS!! In the business world, it's simply a matter of “Risk Management” and protecting their profits.

Anyway! Regardless of what the drug companies say or do, I only have two words for those who support abortion and demand the right to shed innocent blood.


That's right! ALL you people arguing about your reproductive rights are ALIVE TODAY because YA MOMMA (your mother) exercised her reproductive rights and LET YOU LIVE!! She gave you the gift of life.

💓 🤰💓🤱💓👩‍🍼

Mother's Day honors mothers and motherhood, is observed in 50+ countries and is celebrated the first Sunday in the month. Happy Mother's Day!


Abortion advocates’ strategy depends on pills. An information gap threatens their efforts. - POLITICO

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Abortions Before Fetal Viability Are Legal: Might Science and the Change on the Supreme Court Undermine That? - ~ "Viability—the potential for a fetus to survive outside the womb—is a core dividing line in American law."

  • The word "viable" is from French, from Medieval Latin *vītābilis (“capable of life”), from Latin vīta (“life”). If something is not living, then it can't die! What is "key" in the legal definition of "viability" is THE FACT that the fetus is ALIVE! The baby is living INSIDE the womb. However, if you remove the fetus from the womb prematurely, it could or will result in DEATH.

If I were create a hashtag, it would be #AbortionIsMURDER.

April 30, 2022.

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