Comments About Hate That Bear Repeating (An Opinion Piece)

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3 months ago

I just read an article published here titled "Wickedness, Jealousy, and Hatred" ~

It made me recall an article I published about a year ago titled "Do You Understand HOW and WHY people HATE? (An Opinion Piece)" ~

  • Whether you are religious or an atheist, I think EVERYONE in the world can agree that hating your fellow human being will NEVER LEAD TO ANYTHING GOOD!!

  • Hatred almost always leads to violent conflict; and never leads to peace.

  • I have no control over the feelings and emotions of others. But I can control myself. That means that even if others choose to hate me, that does not mean that I must hate them back!

The other day I had a conversation with a friend who lives in a country that is torn by conflict. Basically there are two groups that oppose each other, but even though they are at odds she says she does not HATE THEM. She just earnestly desires a life of peace and understands that peace can not be achieved when people hate each other.

I shared some thoughts with her in a one-on-one discussion and the two articles mentioned above have prompted me to repeat myself and share these comments publicly.


When I was growing up my mother would not even let me use the word “hate”. She said that we should never even speak the word against any one person or group of people. She said harboring feelings of hatred and allowing my acts to be motivated by hate would work against me and actually hurt me. It really does affect your judgment. It makes you do all manner of things and use hatred as justification to make your decisions and acts “righteous”.

My reasons for not hating are:

  • Number 1: Because of my mother's teachings (which were based on the teachings of Jesus Christ Who said "Love your enemy.").

  • Number 2: I have seen what people who are moved by hate can do to a group of people or to individuals of that group. I have seen many innocent people suffer. In my own personal life, I have seen with my own eyes what the cruelty of racism which is based on hatred produces.

  • Number 3: Nothing good in my life has ever been accomplished by me hating someone or a group of people. If hatred toward people is not going to make life in this world any better, then for me, it has no value. If hatred is not to going to help me solve the troubles of this world, then it is pointless.

Any person who is motivated by hate should examine themselves and ask themselves WHY?

Write your answer or answers down on a piece of paper. Pick them apart. They are your thoughts. They are your beliefs. They form the basis for how your live your life.

Analyze your own words and then ask yourself another question:

*Do I really want to live my entire life hating others?

Thanks for reading.

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3 months ago