Will you support centralized crypto ?

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I've got a message from Ledger with the following title : ''Joe Biden Might Be a Crypto-Friendly President''.

It's in the time when so many people are afraid of a big world war. It's in the time when there are so many victims in the world. It's in the time when there are so many lies and fake news. It's in the time when people are sending donations to support war. While instead they can help real victims and refugees. Because I never trusted big organizations or government gathering money from people. I prefer to send that to real people who are really in need and who really need that money. I'm never sure about where that money will be used by government guys. I respect those who are welcoming refugees and helping them. I respect those who are allowing refugees to live with them. I respect those who send those donations to real people they know. And there are so many ways to be in touch with real people really suffering from this war. It's easy to do that by finding those who are asking for help in many social media.

The thing I'm afraid of, is that crypto will be illegal. Because when you send crypto to government, or to an army, they can commit crimes with that. After all, we are not on the ground to know who is really attacking civilians. There is a lot of propaganda from both sides. And I don't want to take any side. One side is telling everyone that they are saving people, other side also telling the same. I'm really far from all this, but I'm aware about crypto. What if it will turn that all that money was involved in war crimes ? What if all those who sent donations to government and army will be involved in those crimes ? It will be a big reason to most governments of the world to say that decentralized crypto is dirty. And they will all announce it illegal. And they will tell us to use only centralized crypto that they will create themselves and instead of getting rid of fiat, we will all have to hide that we have any decentralized crypto, and only the centralized will be allowed.

Because with the message I've got about Joe Biden being a Crypto-Friendly President, I'got the link to the white paper of CBDC and that could be could make “payments cheaper”. That means they will first motivate people to use centralized crypto, then when enough people will be using it, they may the decentralized one illegal. Here is the white paper of the digital dollar by the way : The U.S.Dollar in the Age of Digital
Transformation. It's a big move to eliminate fiat money at all and to turn everyone to centralized crypto ! I see the decentralized crypto in danger. And maybe like someone told me, that was really created by purpose to make everyone being used to it, then to make it illegal. Because it kind of preparing us to be ready to use centralized crypto. I'm not sure about that, but those are just crazy thoughts I have.

Maybe now everything is dependent on us. We shouldn't involve crypt in war crimes. We should make sure that our donations will go directly to real victims.

I think it's a very important message to all crypto community. I'll do my best to spread it.

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