The word of the journey is ''WE''

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I wanted to call this ''the word of the week is ''WE'''', but I decided to change for the best !

Journey could be defined as one day, because it's coming from the French word ''Jour'' and that's one day. Or of course an adventure through a period of time. And it's impossible to guess how long that will be !

So, why ''WE'' ? !

I may answer ''Because''. lol

But, I should explain it for sure. Should I ?! ☺

Anyway, it will be just writing type of post. Today I'm kind of tired, and I can't focus now on a particular topic to talk about. Is that important ?! Maybe for some it is, for others not !

''WE'' is a word that may even refer to one person, in case he/she has many personalities. That's why I don't see any issue to talk to yourself. Sometimes we have to do that to find our inner peace !

In some religions, the word ''WE'' can be used by the god. Maybe because the god can be everywhere, or maybe because we have many gods. I don't know. It depends on each religion and on those who believe in that.

But as a pronoun. ''WE'' means a group of people. In case the group is big, it's called a community. That means a collective mind that's aiming to one direction using many ways to do it. A mind that can be really powerful if it has a stable foundation.

I wanted to write ''if it has no emotions guiding it''. But, I thought emotions should be only positive in this case. Because being excited about ''WE'' is an emotion as well. But getting rid of the fear to do the right things is also needed.

For example, some of us may complain about many things they don't like. But it's in their hands to make the change. But the fear don't let them fight what they don't like because they are afraid that the weapon will be used against them !

So, no matter how powerful the abuse, we are fighting. If most of us get rid of the fear and do what they think should be done, the abuse will disappear. It's easy to complain all the day, but hard to fix the issue we always complain about.

The same about the good things we may do. If we work all together to make the improvement and do everything for the sake of ''WE'' but not ''I'' or people who are supporting ''I'' or friends, or any type of the closest ones. That's also due to emotions.

But getting rid of emotions at all is also impossible. The most important is to find a balance between supporting all ''WE'' and supporting only what's related to ''I''. Being selfish is bad, and giving it all to others is bad as well. Let's find the balance !

Maybe a perfect balance will never be reached, but being close to it is also good. That's why every post we write, every comment as well and every decision should always consider the ''WE''. That's a great way to build a healthy community.

I enjoy writing and hearing this music at the same time :

Maybe that's why I always do my best to share what I learned. I'm not afraid of the competition. I'm not afraid that someone will copy what I do. Likewise, I'm not afraid that the honey of my work will be eaten by who duplicate it. During the history of humanity, always the value was transferred from a generation to others. I'm glad that my experience will be planted like a seed. That may bring a really useful harvest to others. I'll be just happy about that. Just knowing I did that make me satisfied. ☺

So, it's up to you to think about your little ''I'' or the big ''WE''. Without the ''WE'' you'll never be big, no matter how hard you tried, how much time you spent, the amount of money you invest. You are a part of ''WE''. Accept that and stop struggling only for ''I''. You may lose it all that way. The world is big. It's full of others. Not only people, but every creature matters, every plant is there to serve ''WE''. Even what looks not alive could be considered alive if it's holding all this creation on it. It's giving them a place to live in. It's participating in distribution of natural resources to keep what's alive keep living to support ''WE''. To generate a better generation for the sake of other ''WE'', the future ones.

I'm glad to take part in this journey. You should be happy about that as well.

Live and learn. Learn and share !

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