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In this post I would like to write the transcript of the interview with @samostically.

I answered the following questions :

  • If you have all the resources available, how would you add value to hive ?

If I have a lot of hive power, I think I will create a big community like @dcooperation because it's hard for me with little power to realize what I wanted to do with @dcooperation. Because I wanted it like a big community and to have a lot of people who will record videos together. And create collaborations together. But now we don't have a lot of people, and you saw that the discord server isn't that active. So, I think if I have a lot of resources, a lot of power, I think more people will join, and we will work faster, we will create more collaborations.

  • Describe your hive journey, what can we learn from you ?

So, we get out, you can say from another blockchain. We forked from it. We didn't want to be ruled or to have a dictator who tells us what to do, like in steem. This guy from tron. And we just created a new blockchain and we are working on it all together. The thing I learn, the best thing of course, that people have to move on. Because even after the fork, even now, some still didn't move on. I think moving on, is the best solution. Like, most people moved on, and you look for example at the ranking, when we were new, like hive was new, the ranking of hive in coinmarketcap was about 200 or something like that. And was better. But when people started moving on, the ranking changed, and now the ranking of hive is close to 100 and steem is like about I don't know where. Like 200 or I don't know. And if more people, and if everybody will move on, we will grow faster and will not waste time on drama, and things that don't let us grow.

We should be active in the community and built relationships. Join communities, try in one community, if it's not working on one community, it will work in another. If it's not working in communities, it will work in tribes. If it's not working in tribes, it will work in applications. For example if people don't find support in writing, they may move to videos and join @threespeak, and they will be supported. It's depend, they have to try everything. And if it's working in playing games, so why to not play games and earn crypto that way.

  • What inspired @dcooperation, and what do we need to know about the of the #dcc tag ?

It's a community mostly to support collaborations with upvotes and DCC token. I noticed not a lot of people doing collaborations, so the community is created to support people to create more collaborations. There is no personal benefit from that. It's just a motivation to keep creating and a cool way to reward people who want to collaborate in any form, because there are so many types of collaborations possible.

  • What do you think about autoupvotes ? Are they being misused ?

I don't know. Before I thought that autoupvotes are good, when I was busy with the community. I used them about a year or more. But I stopped using them, because I don't see the big value in them. It's not that good for curators. Authors will be just happy if they will be upvoted with a lot of money. But for curators it's not that good. Especially for little curators. They don't have time to earn good curation rewards. There are even some posts upvoted in seconds, by $20 or $10. And as a curator you will not be interested to upvote such content creator. And in the end he/she will be with a lot of money, but with less feedback. And some people are even not her for money only, they need feedback. For example people coming from others platforms, who used to have a lot of support in form of feedback, they make join hive and see a lot of autoupvotes and no feedback, they will not be that interested or inspired to continue. For example for someone who is doing a lot to the community, like a witness or someone else. Maybe for him/her it's ok to be autoupvoted, but such person already has enough feedback. But someone new, especially if he/she is an influencer in other social media, I think autoupvotes will not inspire him or her that much.

  • How do you convince anyone to join hive ?

Of course the first thing is learning. For example if someone is new to crypto, so a lot of people who joined hive, they understand a lot of things about crypto. Even if you don't know anything about cryptocurrency, and you heard just about bitcoin, and that's it. In hive, you can earn from your content, from curating content. For example in other social media, like Facebook, people like others, but they don't get anything from that. But we earn from that. Even if someone is looking for a niche to grow, we have a lot of communities here. You can find in hive new people to your project. And it's also a great way to contact new people, especially people who are a long time in hive, they are independent people, and they are open-minded people, and it's good to have such friends. Because they will open your view on cryptocurrency, and you will understand more things.

I joined being interviewed, because I missed this a lot. You may find all my interview on my youtube channel here : ClixMoney youtube channel

I really enjoyed being interviewed by @samostically and saying my opinion about hive blockchain.

You can watch the video here : The interview with @samostically - Interviewing @clixmoney

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