The theory of The Big and the little boy !

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Let's imagine that the world is a big school with directors, managers and kids.

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I'm learning about the famous war for days and I found this theory to share with you in this form.

So, let's imagine that there is a conflict between one big and little boy. The big one has more power, and it's clear. And the small one doesn't have that power, that's why managers act like they are helping him. They do that to show other kids that they are in charge, and they will fix that conflict. While the directors have the power to stop the conflict once and forever. But it seems that they enjoy the conflict because they have many benefits from it. The first is that other kids will be afraid to create any conflicts. The other that they will have more financial power, because they show that they can restrict anyone from their economy. The third is the distraction from their previous crimes with experiments they were doing. The fourth is to follow a crazy plan to turn kids to their slaves. And the main of course to stay in charge and to not lose their position. Maybe they have more reasons to do that, I don't know.

I think it's clear to what I refer to. Don't tell me that those directors of the show, want to save the little boy. They just told the big boy what he has to do, and he's executing. The little boy is the victim and even other kids because they will turn to zombies who hate the big boy, but not the real guys who are the real evil. Plus many manages who are talking about the bad big boy will be loved, their rating will be higher, and the directors will have more control.

The scary thing is that all this also can expose those kids who are aware of the game. So, it will be good for directors to find out about them. That's why you see them spreading the idea that one part is right, and the other is wrong. So, they will understand the position of each kid to use that after against them. For example by giving them the picture they want to make them more loyal. And the most dangerous kids for them, are those who don't take any side given. That's why you see such opinion censored, shadow-banned, or not supported that much.

This is the crazy world we live in. It's hard to recognize the truth in it.

But at least when you hear as many opinions as you can, you maybe closer to the truth !

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