The confidence is like a muscle !

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The older we become, the more confident we feel. But sometimes because of some situations we may lose that confidence !

For that reason, we need to always train that in ourselves. It's ok to lose it, but it's never ok to give up on it. The confidence is really like a muscle that should be always trained. It's working in all the fields. In relations, so the more confident we are, the better our communication is. In the work, so we may do a better work, or even a faster one. In medicine, so when we are confident about our body, and we know what it is capable off, we can recover faster without counting on medicament or doctors. Even in writing, so when we often write, we become confident that our content will be consumed and rewarded, and we will not lose inspiration to keep doing this.

Of course, we may face some troubles on our way. We may take a break or get tired. But when we are confident that we can continue our journey. In our life and struggle, we will try again and again to get what we wanted.

The confidence can be also learned from others. So, when we learn about successful people and take an example from them, we more likely may become confident, just like them. That's why it's necessary to be in touch with such people. To consume their content. To keep learning about them and to find out how they do things. Because we may face similar situations in our lives and in the end solve most of our problems knowing for sure that it will be solved.

I like what @braveboat wrote about this topic in the following post : Practice Makes Positive. :

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance. It stems from an appreciation of one’s own skill, knowledge, or abilities.

And he's completely right. The confidence gives us more assurance in realizing our goals.

That's why, we should do our best to be always confident and to train that muscle !

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