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Short posts are awesome !

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5 months ago

I like short posts, but I think those are good mostly for noise.

But, since I wrote here a big article, I would like to write more.

I'm new here and as I told you I'm already blogging for more than 4 years in steem and hive. And I have really useful posts to share here.

But, I'm agraid that will not be welcome here even I heard it's ok to do.

So, I'm thinking, should I just copy my posts here as I don't have a lot of time to write an exeptional content for each platform, or I shouldn't post here at all ?

I'm doing well at noise and I like how it's working.

I would like to do well here as well.

Maybe I'll edit something from my posts and share them here. I still don't know.

I wish to find the proper feedback !

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