Pass this along to Harry Potter !

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This article will be in a very special style. I will just the lyrics of a Russian song that was released about two years ago.

The song is called : ''Pass this along to Harry Potter !''

You can listen to it here :

You can turn on subtitles and translate it to English to understand the lyrics in English, or any other language you want.

I'm not sharing this to support the narrative, but to let know those who are punishing simple citizens, who they are hurting. That really hurts. People who always fight to make everyone tolerant just discriminate people just for being Russian, when simple citizens has nothing to do with what's going on. But they will be victims in the end. How a student who is studying in a foreign country is related to this ? How a family who want to travel the world are related to this ? How Sportsman who is enjoying his hobby is related to this ?

But the thing that those sanctions will hurt even more those who are only surviving. Doing everything to feed their family. How the hell those sanctions will affect those who are already leading ? enjoying businesses, having imaginary amount of money, being in the Forbes lists, get hurt ? Having yacht, many businesses, huge homes and even castles. They will not give a shit ! That's how I feel when I see such injustice in the world !

Anyway, let's move to the lyrics of the song :

Harry, hey, how are you, buddy ?
I hope you haven't gone mad yet
A deep bow to you from our whole brotherhood
From these dumb swamps
We're completely surrounded by muggles
And their mugs are so mean and arrogant
And you're still hanging out in your England as usual

I guess clear who is Harry here. The singer is a simple citizen who want to ask help from people he thinks may help. And he even has some hope that those people still have human sense. He even admits that we are all brothers and sisters, I mean people. He's even not shame to say where he lives and what's the situation he is in.

Harry, fly over quick, you're needed
The indestructible is fully destroyed
From all the bald spots and all the crevices
They're pumping out oil and gas12
By god's will and according to plan
Soon they'll lead us all to the scaffold
Grab along your magic wand
To shove between their eyes

It's clear that he's asking the saver to hurry. You can say ''Hurry Harry !''. No magic seem to help anymore. The plan is clear. The plan is huge. At the same time big, but so bad. Bad for those who have nothing to do with the issue. Bad for so many incents from both parts. Some losing their lives, some, the peace, some, their dreams and some even don't know what to do !

Harry, none of this is really okay
Life's like a swing going up and down
So, pal, while you're mining bitcoins
Don't forget about us
Don't forget and feel, wizard
How the collar weighs on the neck
Don't forget us, you hear, you hermit
Leave Parnassus sometime

Life is a circle. There is karma. I like how he mentioned bitcoin in this song. Because most of the bitcoin is not mined in Russia, due to a reason you may guess. But it seems the only saver are crypto community. We are those who against censorship, those who are for decentralization, for transparency, truth and freedom. Those who are changing the world even if that's on the PC level. But that could impact all the system. Maybe that's why the fiat kings are creating all this mass. People for them seem to be too free.

You can check the full lyrics here : Pass this along to Harry Potter !

Harry the tribunes are empty, as you see
The fans won't start a hype anymore
No one is playing quidditch now
We've almost all died out, here
The muggles have really gotten bold, Harry
The world has gone black from smoke and cinder
If you could only see all these mugs
You'd smash your glasses

Maybe no one is really watching, but the singer wanted to share this anyway. Maybe that's not happening to everyone here who is accepting so many things and living with close eyes on purpose. But in fact, many people are worry. Worry of the future of the country. Worry of their lives and the lives of their relatives and friends. Some parents are even so disappointed, but they live for their children. To be sure their kids will be safe. Even if they are not sure about that. You may say leaving the country is a solution, but that's not always possible and easy to do. It's hard to turn to an immigrant who may lose at least what he/she has. Immigration is like a casino game, or you will get a better life, or you will be trapped and make it worse.

Anyway, I can't write about the song anymore.

You can also hear another version of the song. It's a cool cover from a young lady. Even her in her young age chose to sing this song, but not another. Because even very young people understand a lot. They see everything with their own eyes. And they are seeing what's going on now. Instead of thinking of better future for generations to come, old guys still playing wars like little kids. It's ridiculous.

I love her voice. She is really awesome. I like to see so young people singing traditional songs and such powerful political songs. You can check here youtube channel here : Саша Капустина - КВАШЕНАЯ.

I guess I said it all now. Thanks a lot for reading, supporting and even sharing this if you understand the message !

Peace ! ✌️

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Hello there! Those sanctions are for citizens following the narrative and produce even more narrative. I guess those who support this narrative have as little influence as those who suffer. So why give a sh**? Great opportunity and responsibility for doing good is right before our eyes. Just sad that Read does not work for me and still filters comments. So I copied it. Anyway. An opportunity for stewardship, right?

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Thanks a lot for your support, but can I ask you please to not send noise links in hive when I write there. I may lose some support there because of that.

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You certainly can. What a bummer!

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