Owning a weapon gives some confidence !

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1 year ago

After seeing so many restrictions created in Russia about those who don't have qr code, I thought about buying a weapon.

Of course, I would like to protect myself and my family. Sometimes I see the news about fake organizations and fake people doing something and acting like they are from authorities. Especially I see that in TikTok, how some people claim that they are policemen, or people from security and don't like to show their ID. But when people tell them about the low they show it to them. What if someone will ask me to do something for him, and he'll have a fake ID. Of course to protect myself I'll call the police first and make sure that this person is really working there. I already had a situation where a woman came home asking for my details and I just refused to talk with her and closed the door. Then I found out that there are people just gathering information from others, asking for their data to sell them after. Because no one expect the authorities have the right to ask for the details about my passport.

Even though I learned from all this pandemic and what's going on in the world, that even policemen themselves can break the low. I've seen enough situations where the right of people were broken. Where people were arrested for doing almost nothing. That could happen for not wearing a mask, for not respecting social distancing, or it could be justified with any reason they made up. Of course in this case if people don't respect the law and start attacking others, people have to protect themselves. At least something should be used to protect our rights.

Also, I think in the future, when even buying food will be restricted for non vaccinated people, we may see people losing their mind to buy food. Some are already losing their job because they can't work. Many businesses are just destroyed. The price of the food and everything is growing like crazy. People are getting angry. The segregation is created and people may hate each other just for not wearing a mask, or for not being vaccinated. Maybe in the future non vaccinated people will be attacked, abused and even discriminated by others. We should be ready for that. The world is going just crazy because of all the madness happening.

That's why I think owning a weapon if it's legal in the country, it's a good solution to have at least some confidence that we can protect ourselves and our families.

In Russia, we have one kind of weapon with rubber bullets that's possible to buy for any citizen. That's why I may buy it to be sure a bit about my security !

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1 year ago


Did you buy one? With us it's not allowed. Not even a pepper spray. Good there are hair sprays, demo,there's chili pepper sold and pens can kill too (try an eye).

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1 year ago