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Psychological health is needed for everyone on the planet. Especially in our hard time now !

I watch almost every single video of The Dollar Vigilante, and in one of his recent video he told that he likes a lot the channel : Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). He even said that he consider the guy a life teacher. I went to the channel to check it and I found the guy who was promoted in TikTok with a translated video to Russian, as I watch videos there since the pandemic story started here. He was talking about how our immune system is so powerful and how we can get rid of all medicament that are promoted by big pharma, while they can heal diseases, but harm organs. So, despite watching only a few videos with him, I remembered him. Then I decided to watch one of his video in English directly, and I chose the recent video. That was this one :

It's not just a video, but it's a changing life talk. A motivational speech and inspirational energy ! A half hour of great meditation with an awesome, positive guy. He talked about the things we shouldn't worry about. I'll try to write about them from my perspective. Because I feel that I have a good experience in helping people psychologically, and I think my ideas will be for sure useful to some of you. Maybe even for the majority of people in the world because of the stress we got every day from our life, adding to that the crazy news we hear every day about the pandemic and what governments are planing to do.

So, the first thing we shouldn't care about are mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We even learn from mistakes. That makes us improve. If we don't make mistakes, we never learn. That's a part of our lives. So, why to worry about them. We should even want to make them. We should try again and again and make more mistakes to never repeat them. Even if that will be repeated, we just learn to not repeat them anymore. It's a kind of training. So, the more mistakes we do, the better we will be. Why to worry about that so ?

The second thing is not to worry about being different.

We are all unique. We can't find who are identical. Even twins have differences. On the contrary, we should be proud of being special. Even if we compare ourselves to others, we should not worry that much, but use that to be better. Not in the appearance, but in positive qualities. Even we should accept how look like. We shouldn't be like others. We shouldn't change our appearances just to satisfy others. We should think that we look like this for a reason. It's all about accepting ourselves and make everything to look better only if we like to look otherwise. Our bodies and faces are what we should love. Wake up, everything to tell yourself that you are the most handsome, the most beautiful, the most powerful and sexy. Just love your look !

We shouldn't worry that much about how we will achieve our goals.

The most important is to keep doing what we can for that. Even though we are already doing well. If we are alive, we are good. If we have a place to live in, it's also good. If we have what to eat and what to wear, we are already ok. If we can spend money for fan, we are even rich. Because knowing what's happening to some people in the world, there are people in real troubles. We should be thankful for what we have and do what we can to be better. We don't have to be the most rich people to be happy. We should have enough, and that's the most important. Because in this life there isn't only the material side of things. There are so many aspects to care about. And if we are good in some, that could be more than enough for us. We shouldn't worry about what we don't have. If we gain more things, it's ok. If not, we should enjoy what we have.

Why to worry about death if we will not live forever anyway.

So, the guy is right about the death. It's just a transformation from one form to another. After all, we have the spiritual side, for sure. Even if we are not religious, we may feel the energy that's giving us that life. In the video, he mentioned the word ''Maktub''. In Arabic, it's destiny. I know that word very much. Because I lived in an Arabic country for 12 years and I know Arabic. The word is from the verb ''Kataba'', that means ''wrote''. So, ''Maktub'' is what's written. That way, the destiny is considered already written. That means that we can't change that much about that. Maybe we have some choice, but not in the exact things we are doing, but in the destination our lives will take. So, worrying about death, is not correct in this case. We will die sooner or later. And even though our inner energy maybe alive forever, or we may transform in something else or someone else. It's really unknown what will happen to people after that. Maybe we will be in better places, in better bodies and situations. Who knows.

Worrying about what we didn't eat, knowing that there are people barely finding what to eat.

If we look at statistics, we may find millions of people dying of hunger every month. And thousands every day. Only from this website :, I see today more than 27,000 people died from hunger. Those are crazy numbers if we think about. And some people worry about what they are eating, or what others are. That's why we should already be happy about what we already eat. The most important is to eat healthy. To care about our bodies that are done for us only for once to use. We are already really wealthy people if we are eating sometimes for fun. And the same about drinking.

Just like I said about the destiny, we shouldn't worry about the past or the future that much.

We should use the past as a lesson to improve our future. The past is already past. We can't fix it, we can't change it. We just have to learn how to let it go. Everything that happened to us before, is our story. Our personal history that can't be rewritten, the history we are sure about. So, no historical scientists or governments or mass media can tell us about it. It's in our head. We can tell what we want about it, and forget what we don't need. It's for us to protect our past, and to not worry about it at the same time. The same about the future. Why to worry about it that much. If we work for it, we will have a better future, if not we will have another one. We should do what we can, and it's up to the time to show us the results. Why to push that hard on ourselves. If the circumstances allow that future to happen, it will happen anyway. So, let's not worry about the time at all.

We sometimes worry about what others think of us !

I'm sure that not all people think about us the same. First, most of us aren't that exposed to the world. And even celebrities are popular only about their audience. I'm sure that comparing to them, our audience is much smaller. Even though, they don't have the time to always think about us. They may think when they find information about us, or meet us, or when others remember about us, and after that they move thinking about something else. Everyone has his/her own troubles to care about. I'm sure no one has all the time to think only about us. So, why to worry that much about what people are thinking about us. Let's just leave our way and just respect others and not to harm anyone, and that will be more than enough.

We worry about so many things we shouldn't worry about at all.

So, why to worry. just live and enjoy this life. ☺

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