Interviewing BLOGIKA a famous youtuber with 1/2 million subscribers !

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11 months ago
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In this video I interviewed BLOGIKA, a Russian youtuber with more than 1/2 million subscribers.

В этом видео я брал интервью у BLOGIKA, ютуберка с более чем полу миллиона подписчиков !

I found her in She is interested to learn about more crypto platforms, she is here on as well, I told her about, hive and blurt and I hope she will join there as well.

I also hope for the team of to remove her from spamlist, because she is a legit content creator, you can check her account @Blogika , I already contacted the team, and she did as well, we are both waiting to see her comments not hidden in read anymore ! Thanks to @Pantera who told me how to contact the team !

As you all know that youtube turned off monetization in Russia, and most of Russian bloggers are afraid to lose even the access to their accounts. And you can't imagine how big in the Russian traffic on youtube. I think that's why they turned off only monetization from the Russian traffic, but not worldwide. So, if the Russian blogger is getting the traffic from other countries, he/she still can be paid for that.

Anyway, I mean that I will interview more of them and invite them all here. I'm sure a lot of them will be interested. Please check the videos of BLOGIKA and ask her as well to join here. I'm still discussing this with her. Here is one of her videos :

Most of her videos are in Russia, but she has some videos in English as well. Her main channel is about health. And she has other channels about philosophy and psychology. For example this one : BLOGIKA with 85k subscribers and this one : УЛЕТНАЯ БЛОГИКА with more than 48k subscribers. As well her Instagram account with almost 20k followers : blogikaaa.

@Blogika is not only a nice looking, healthy girl, but she is also a great person. That's why I've spent about 3 hours translating the video and putting those subtitles. Because she is all about peace, improvement and self education.

You will really enjoy watching the video.

I'll start interviewing people again.

You may watch all the interview on my youtube channel here :

▶️ Watch the video on Dtube here !

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11 months ago
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