''I was called an extremist'' - A poem I wrote !

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1 year ago
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I like to dive deep in information. It's my new hobby, and maybe I go too far with it, but it really worth it.

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Since the pandemic started, I learned during these 2 years much more than I learned during 35 years of my life. I learned about politics, financial system, crazy historical facts and even biological and medical. Sometimes I think that I know too much, or more than I should. lol

Recently because I wrote about my opinion of what's going on, I was called an extremist. While I'm all for freedom, not to involve citizens in wars, peace and improvement. I always consider as well the psychological and philosophical aspect while I create my content. So, because of being called like that, I would like to write this poem to share my opinion.

Maybe I'm not a native English speaker and writing poems is not my speciality, but I will try to do that for fun.

Here we go :

I was called an extremist.

While I'm just a realist.

There are so many theorists.

Who are to people loyalists.

I'm not at all an egotist.

I don't like to be a ''dualist''.

I'm not at all a communist.

I just like to be an optimist.

I don't like to see the beast.

Turning the world to a twist.

I wish everyone will resist.

And I will try to just assist.

I hope my position is clear. And if I'm only critically thinking, it doesn't mean that I'm the bad guy. Many people want to learn about the situation, and they have the right to do that. Just everyone has his own way to do that.

As a content creator, I shouldn't be worry that much of how I will be called, everyone has the right to think about me the thing he/she wants. But if you call me with names, give me arguments, I can't accept an information without a solid argument !

Let's enjoy the discussion, but not to make this personal !

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1 year ago
Topics: Politics, Pandemic, Truth, Freedom, Poet, ...