How I've airdroped 4000 DCC on smartBCH !

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11 months ago
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Yesterday I had a very productive day. I promoted DCC in noise and started to onboard people to hive. DCC token was created to support content in noise and read. So, anyone can write a content and promote someone else. For that people will be rewarded.

So, here is the post I asked people to share on their noise pages :

We all see how the tips are going down in noise, maybe some of you noticed that even in read. We shouldn't blame the developers or the website, but find solutions to earn more from our content. And I'm working on that solution by creating the DCC token on smartBCH.

The token is already on, and here are some details about it :

Read about the token here :
Join our telegram group here :
Here is the link to our discord server :

Renoise this to get some tokens. The amount will be related to the followers you have on You can also write about this on and share the link in the comments, so I'll reward you depending on your contribution. For example, you can write about how rewarding the content is so important, or even promoting other authors in your own content. We will have contests where promoting content will be rewarded with DCC tokens. You can even write about this in any other decentralized social media using #dcc tag and share the proof. Centralized social media will count as well if you have there more than 1k subscribers or followers.

Let's build a brand-new community around DCC token where we will support all the content that needs attention. It's another form to be rewarding for the content. Write something, promote someone, and you'll be rewarded for that.

Of course share your smartBCH address to get the token after doing the work.

Then all those who did the work will get the airdrop in DCC in smartBCH, and I'll airdrop also to those who have accounts in hive, or those who will join.

Here is what I've written in the channel with 80 subscribers on noise :

If you have any DCC on smartBCH. You'll be able to get some on as well. Just share your hive account in the comments, and I'll send you some there as well. In case you need help to create a hive account, let me know about that. The price of the token now on is about $0.04. I think this will be fair to give you the same amount depending on the price in smartBCH. The price in smartBCH is $0.001.

So, we will be called now ''DCC - collaborative token !''.

The same name we have on discord and telegram.

The same about our holders in hive-engine. If you have the DCC token, let me know, so I'll send you the same amount in smartBCH. This airdrop will be on till the end of this month. For more details check that here : DCC airdrop in smartBCH network !.

That's how DCC will connect smartBCH community and hive. And in the future, more crypto communities will be connected. DCC is serving the purpose !

Join our : DCooperation Discord Server Here ! | DCC telegram group here !

Check the use case of DCC token here !

Buy some DCC here to support us !Check the token on smartBCH as well !.

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11 months ago
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I don't have my hive engine but I manage to renoise the post and paste my address under my content then i received 10 DCC, it's nice to gain a portion of that token and hoping that it booms in future.

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11 months ago

if you need a hive account, let me know. I'll help you to create it. All you have to do is to send me your email and the username you want, and I'll do it for you and send you all the details.

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11 months ago