Forgive us early adopters !

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1 year ago

A lot of us on this blockchain are early adopters. We've started on one blockchain and moved to others.

Today I had a nice talk with a guy from one of those blockchains we are creating in. They have an issue with the hidden content because of a whale being a developer and being able to hide it somehow. I wouldn't write about that blockchain to not offend anyone. So, as an early adopter of the blockchain that was created before, I proposed that they create a fork there, or change the main rules on the base of blockchain to remove that ability to do so from that developer. I suggested to make hiding content being paid. So, those tokens may go to the development and to the team, or will get burn to support the price of the token and to have less inflation.

In another blockchain I noticed as well people talking about upvotes and how newcomers are asking how to get them. I proposed my idea of #dcc to make every content creator promote another. That will give change to newcomers to be seen. And while discussing the solutions, I thought about the experience many of us have here on the blockchain. Many of us are creating and curating content here for years. And we all know each other and every single one of us is participating in a project or active in a community. We are so divided at the same time being able to connect. We have our differences and even our old resentments. We even formed a new crypto character acting based on our experience. How many times we associate a username with a project or a community. Maybe even with events we all witnessed.

And while curating, we already formed old habits. Some may get rid of them and change based on the development, and some just continue what they are doing without any change. So, being so connected to our old friends, and being active on so many projects and communities, we may forget about newcomers. We may forget how important it is to support them. Because when they join, they don't know so many things, and they may expect a lot. Some of them are young people, and it's hard for them to learn hard, like we did. I try to onboard people from time to time and I discuss many things with those who joined recently. Because I curate the new page from time to time. As well thanks to the #dcc initiative, while our members are promoting content, I see so many faces and I see what they are writing and how much they need support.

That's why on one hand, we the old adopters have to be smoother with newcomers, and the same about them, they should understand that we are also so busy.

After all, the consistency and the activity is what always help. The best advice I can give all newcomers, is to comment a lot. Even more than you write posts.

Commenting gives you the attention you need, even if you post a few times a week !

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Well done! As always! Here is my cross-comment

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