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1 year ago

I noticed someone complaining about the earning from creating content, and I decided to create this funny post.

Maybe the post will not that funny, because I would like to talk about a serious topic. But I like to make it a bit humorous as you noticed from the thumbnail. I'm tired a bit to write about what's going on in the world, because we need to support other fields as well. So, let's do it. ☺

I wrote about this many posts before, but sometimes I like to share my experience again. I didn't spend more than 4 years creating content for nothing.

So, when I joined in 2017 I didn't have that much experience and I just was happy to earn something from my content. I was supported very well, then I lost that support after a fork in 2018, then I decided to be more active in dtube and I found support there, then I lost it when I stopped being a curator in dtube. Then I start looking for more support in many applications and communities and supporting @dcooperation at the same time. I was even attacked by some crazy people. I defended myself many times. I even tried to connect communities together. Now, I'm active everywhere and I will not, no matter what.

But let me explain what I learned from all this :

  • Being a content creator is not that easy.

  • Never expect always to do well.

  • Learn about what's going on.

  • Change the strategy if you are not happy.

  • Try something new in case.

  • Keep creating and commenting.

  • Do your best to power up.

  • Try to bring value.

  • Be in touch with active people.

  • Never lose hope and be powerful.

Those are the best tips I can give to those who are giving up or thinking to give up. Otherwise, I can't do anything for you. ☺

After all, we should enjoy creating for ourselves and the rewards will come anyway if we do our best.

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1 year ago


Thank you for the tips.. to be honest I'm a bit bored but I'll do my best now

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