Don't be fragile - Be antifragile !

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11 months ago

During this brainwashing flow of information I decided to not take any promoted side and to take the side of reason. And the reason is telling me that both sides are the one to blame, because it's profitable to those who are creating this controlled chaos.

Prologue :

It's interesting to see those who are supporting the narrative to tell me that I'm supporting the side they didn't like, while I clearly don't support any of them. The only ones I support and would like to see supported are the victims of all this. I consider the most important is not to find who's right and who's wrong, but to help those who really need help. I already know people from Poland who are really helping refugees no matter what they are running from. Because honestly to be safe, it's better to not live in any of those arias or close to them. But I don't have the chance to run, but I'm ready in case I will have to. I'm already contacting people to be in touch with in case I will have to be the refugee myself. In such a horrible situation, we should be ready for everything, but never to get upset. Learning to be antifragile is what I'm looking for.

Common sense :

I've found out a good book to read and since I'm not that good at reading, I just prefer to listen to the audiobook. The book is called : Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. And since he's from Lebanon, I'm proud of being myself from an Arabic country. Meanwhile, so many people think I'm Russian, while I'm only a half Russian man. So, I know English as you see, but I also know Russian and Arabic. And I have a formed culture by both nations, at the same time I know enough about the English culture as well. That's why I use to not take the side of the narrative, but always looking for the side of the reason.

Deep Diving :

So, here is what I've learned from the book :

  • Antifragility is not only the opposite of fragility, but it's a state of mind.

  • Antifragility is building a strong and flexible personality.

  • Fragility could be imposed to make us weaker.

  • We have to learn how to be antifragile to deal with this world.

  • Antifragile don't mean only to not be fragile, but to be unbreakable.

  • We shouldn't let the comfort make us addicted to it.

  • We should be ready for the possible discomfort in anytime soon.

  • The best example of antifragility is the surviving of the nature.

And there is an important part I would like to mention. The part I was agreed with all the time, and the book just confirmed my assumptions. That's about the science and how most of the people think that's the science is the perfect source of the truth. I never thought that, especially in the time of the pandemic and the contradiction of so many scientists in the world. And even the contradiction of each scientist during the time. I've seen them how they change shoes all the time. The Russian expression ''change shoes'' means to change the mind all the time. That could be related to a financial motivation, or any reason they do so. So, taking the science for granted, is not a reasonable thing to do. The modern science could be oriented to make us fragile. That's against the concept of antifragility.

Even if you think that the science is good and perfect, it could always have shortcomings. It's easy to understand why. It's made by people, but not by super creatures. People can make mistakes, people can forget, people can change their minds, people can say or write anything asked from them. Of course there are those who spread mostly their ideas and based on their own experience, but still we have a lot of those who just support the narrative. I wish to see much more people with their true position. Or at least to see those who are always doing their own researches instead of pushing for what's imposed. And thanks to the antifragility of the events during the last already 3 years, we see more and more people looking for the alternative sources of information instead of counting only on the mass media and centralized social media.

Conclusion :

I would like you to read the book before commenting this, because it's hard to understand the concept of antifragility if you haven't consumed similar information before. And remember that all those who opposite your opinion aren't doing that to fight you. But people with such ideology prefer to make you think twice of your position that may lead you to take worse and worse positions in the near future. Opening your mind to new ideas is what will make you more human. We didn't come to this world to support the majority, but we are in this world to be unique and exceptional.

Always do your best research on any topic you're looking for. The narrative is never to serve the fragile. Be antifragile to spread what will do better for all humanity.

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11 months ago


i also like audiobooks, i'm always looking for something new to listen to while i'm doing my knitting. it relaxes me even more. thanks for your suggestion.

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You're welcome. Glad you like audiobooks as well. I love them. ☺

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