Divorce the system - It's not your lover !

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I'm glad to join so many groups in telegram fighting for the freedom of people, against the lies and the fake information created to fool us all.

We are all seeing an agenda supported by those who have power. And we all know who controls the mass media and most famous social media and even governments. Those are a few powerful people who want to see the world under their dominance. They feel gods while they can never be. The sad thing that so many people are falling into their trap. They repeat what's said by them and believe and trust in everything coming from them. And in the end they start fighting for their ideas without even being sure of who they defend. While humanity is under attack. While we may have a world divided between people who can allow to themselves anything they want and others restricted and losing most of their rights.

Of course when I see what's going on and how the government is pushing to QR code every citizen without implementing them to themselves, I do may best to learn about a solution to avoid that. I don't know about the other world, but in Russia authorities are talking about not asking QR codes from government workers and not asking that from policeman and army. Only simple citizens they say need that. While all of us are people and if the pandemic really exist, so that should be implemented to all people, but not only some. But as you see the virus is not that dangerous for authorities. It's not that dangerous for people who are pushing for the tyranny.

I listen to this guy and see how much he's right about everything he's saying. When I found the title of the video, I thought he's talking about how all this crazy thing is over now and how all those who created it are exposed. But the topic was about being free from the system. It's over of being married to the system, and it's the time to divorce it. To be open to the new world, not full of restrictions, lies and control. But full of everything natural, natural immune system, but not artificial. I'm glad that more and more people are waking up. Waking up after being asleep for so long time. In the video he compared our situation to the movie matrix. Where Morphy told Neo :

It's the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. The truth that you are a slave, born into a prison, you can not see, touch, taste, a prison for your mind. And many people are starting to wake up. .... It's time to get the divorce.

I'll be just happy to live in such a world. I always thought, why we need so many borders. Why we need countries at all. Why we need religions and many other things that only divide people. I even thought about languages, they seem all have the same origin. Even knowing only 4 languages, I see so many similarities in them. It's for sure that they are coming all from one language. I don't know how many years it demands from them to divide us, but they did that. They created as many languages as they wanted to create as many countries they wanted. They made us so different, while we are all the same. No matter where we are from, no matter what language we speak, no matter our form, color or sex or orientation. I liked a phrase in one song where it's said that when we look at the skeleton of people, we see them all the same. Just think about that.

The truth actually scares people, because people aren't ready for the truth.

That's huge saying he said in the video. Of course, we prefer to see a better world. Of course, we prefer to not believe that the evil exist. Of course thinking that people are crazy coming with such ideas, is easier. of course, thinking that everything that doesn't match with the agenda of the mass media and government and social media is conspiracy theory, is much easier. We have a protection reaction that make us always choose the easiest solution. Nobody wants it hard. But the hard way may bring us much more benefits than the easiest. We used to live in our comfort zone, but it doesn't mean that's always better for us.

We should open our eyes after hearing what's said by those authorities. Most of them say that the next pandemic will get even worse. Some are saying that we will need booster shots forever. Some of them say that we should never take off our masks. A lot of them, if not the most, support lockdowns, QR codes and other restrictions created only to divide people, or to help the artificial intelligence control them. Most money is used from the budget to enrich vaccine producers. The money used from taxes paid to improve the country, but not to enslave it. Our money !

We get to learn how to trust ourselves. We can say ''It's over.''..... We got to learn to listen to ourselves. Instead of listening to experts and people in power.

How many of us are listening to those experts telling us what to do. They always use smart words and numbers to fool us. While I don't see people walking in the street and fulling. I don't see people walking outside without being able to breath. I see so many concerts, so many parties, so many people walking in big markets and the metro I was recently in, in Moscow. Full of people walking, most of them not wearing masks, none of them respecting social distancing and most of them unvaccinated. All feeling well. And we can see that in TV shows. Most of famous people aren't wearing any masks when participating in those shows. I see also so many movies created during these 2 years of the pandemic. So many movies with many people walking close to each other. How the hell in so dangerous pandemic, such movies could be created ? !

The ones who are running on all this, are the ones who need help. Who are crazy. But if you are awakening, you are not crazy, you are just smart..... The history has a strange way in repeating itself. What happened in the second world war.... The same thing is happenig right now, with people being discriminated based on their medical status.

So, they tell us that we need vaccines and most of them don't do that, not for themselves, not for their children. They all say that we need to wear masks, while most of them don't wear them that often and some of them never even wear them. They say that we need to respect social distancing, while they themselves create big parties and big events. If the virus is so dangerous, so all the events should be prohibited. All people wearing masks, and respecting social distancing and really vaccinating, but not acting like they did that. While people are paid to say that they are vaccinated, and they chose usually people with a lot of following to pay them and ask them to say that. So, this agenda is like a business ? The goal of any business is to get profit. No matter what.

If your are silent you are conserned..... You can say, it's ok to take my freedom, it's ok to take away my chilndren's freedom, it's ok to lock me down..... etc. No, it's over, I'm sorry I quit !

If I have the opportunity to talk, I'll do that. If I have the opportunity to share, I'll do that. If I have the opportunity to write I'll do that. I wasn't that loud before, but I'll be. I'm educated. I have experience in sharing my emotions, in sharing the information the way I see it right. I have experience in explaining things. So, I'll do it. It's enough. Enough for me to hold everything inside. I'll let what's inside to come out. For two years I shared the truth by making duel videos with those people who spread the truth in TikTok. They blocked my account, but I still can share the truth in other social media. There are a lot of them. There is hive, there is lbry, there is blurt, there is read.cash and noise.cash. And I hope to find more of them where I'll be welcomed ! The truth will not be hidden anyway. The truth will be at least heard !

There are forces on this planet that know no love. They can only live in fear, because fear is their food. Fear is their currency, fear is their life force. This why they have to get you to live in fear.

Didn't you notice that all the pandemic is based on fear ? Fear to not get sick. Fear to not die. Fear to not infect others. Fear to get a fine for not wearing a mask. Fear of being close to others. Fear to say something in social media and being censored. I would call this the pandemic of fear. And most of those who are afraid that much are doing everything to protect themselves. Protect themselves from breathing fresh air, from being close to others, for being healthier and taking care of our immune system. Natural immune system.

Every single day they giving you a story. The one who tells the story, controls the world.

We are all living in the story that's told by others. The story we learn in schools. The story learned from TV. From the mass media. From social networks. From movies. We were mistaken about so many things. We didn't know such things are possible. We thought that could happen only in fantasy. We looked at those dystopias in books and films and thought that we will never be part of that. But asking all the world to wear a mask without being sure that's protecting, asking all people to get vaccinated and then to take a booster every six months, locking down healthy people, creating discrimination between them. It's this a dystopia ? Isn't this something strange. They really care about us ? How to care about someone medically without caring financially. How to care about someone and punishing them for saying an opinion ? How to care about someone and restricting them in so many ways !

It's over of living in their metaverse. In their virtual reality. And now is just the beggining to experience what life is about. That means, us getting outside, getting the sun light, echotherapy.... We didn't come here to live in cages.

We were born free. The system enslave us. We grow up and learned about the world. The world is not only school, work, kids, getting old and dying. The world is more than that. We have to learn how to live a full life. If it's limited, we should experience it all. We are human beings. We are the living beings who have brains. We are intellectual. We have souls. Our power is in our union. We should be close to each other. Break all the limitations and be as one. Improving this world and leaving it great for next generations to come.

I'm tired of the system. I wasn't born to serve it. I was born to be, to stay and to live as human being. As someone with great body. The body that can recover if it's damaged. The mind that can think and analyze. The heart that can lose the world and others. I'm alive to share, to enjoy my experience, to be in touch with others. To explore so many great places.

We have choice. We have power. We have our will to do the things we want. Let's free ourselves. We are people, not trees. We can move ! I wish all the best for everyone loving people and the world !

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