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Could freedom of speech be dangerous ?

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5 months ago

Today I checked my old videos on 3speak, and you know they are all still there. Just like promised. And no matter what I talked about, I never faced any censorship in the platform. And that's so awesome !

So, in this post I would like to check my thoughts about the topic of freedom of speech. Have I changed my mind about it, or I still think the same way I was thinking before.

Watch the video here !

That was the video I created about 3 years ago. I talked in the video about the answered I've got from the popular website I didn't find the answer to share the link, because I remember them deleting one of my accounts because of some questions I asked. And who knows, maybe this one was one of them. Anyway, I asked the following there : ''Could freedom of speech be dangerous ?''.

So, since they removed my question along with my old account, and I have the video on 3speak, so I'll screenshot the answers I've got 3 years ago and try to comment something about them. Because of course if they deleted my account along with my questions, the answers of those people are also deleted !

Here is the first answer I've got from there :

I still don't understand fully the answer, but at least I have better image about why people were against vaccination in 2019. And even smoking, because I quit doing that, and I also don't know what they put in those cigarettes. The same about alcohol. Anyway, after 3 years I would say that I'm improving in understanding the world and forming my opinion about the importance of freedom of speech.

Here is the second answer I've got :

You see, the opinion of this guy differs a lot. Because he considers unlimited freedom of speech dangerous. And he considers more tolerant society much better. And maybe he's right because I think that everything in life should be balanced. Just like we see that balance in the nature. We as society are responsible for what others think, especially if they are putting the on the public. So, at least we should guide those people to the right direction. So, we will see less violence in the world. And maybe just like I wrote about balance, we may need that balance of good and bad people, but again good and bad for people themselves is different, so maybe the nature, or the universe is what creating that balance.

Here is the third answer I've got :

Wow. I would say that's a very valid point of not restricting the freedom of speech. I know that some people in the world aren't that likable, but maybe they are getting rid of the negativity that they have inside and instead of turning to criminals, they feel better by putting what they think in the web. So, the victims who are bullied by them are kind of absorbing that energy to not let them commit crimes. It's like the Russian expression I wrote about recently, that means that we should choose what's less evil. Like between letting those abusers keep bulling people online, or stopping them while they can commit a crime in real life. But again, those who got abused by them can themselves be hurt psychologically or even commit suicide. So, they also have to understand that if they like to attack other people psychologically, not all people are that strong. So, they can hurt others as well. Because if someone is defending abusers based on their psychological status, they also should know that from the other side, there could be people with other psychological status, for example not experienced people or young. Those should also be protected.

Here is the fourth answer I've got :

I understand the answer, but the interesting part, is about exercising the freedom of speech. It's like practicing it. I wouldn't say that we are practicing it in centralized social media where they can delete anything they want. Because there we kind of want to practice it, but they don't allow us to do so. Here in decentralized social media, we are experimenting with is in many forms and that's really nice. We for sure have more chance to have the positive effect from freedom of speech on the blockchain. After all, I think the future is after the blockchain, and those centralized social media will disappear like dust. Maybe not after years, but more likely after many decades. Because I see so many social media created on the top of the blockchain, and we may see more of the in the future !

Here is the fifth answer I've got :

Maybe I acted in the video like I understand the answer, but I don't. Because I said that I don't agree with her, while it's clear the answer wasn't clear to me. Even now, I barely understand it. Anyway, if you can explain that to me, I would be happy to hear it. I understand now the word unfettered. And I would say that I'm not unfettered to not be ashamed that I don't fully understand the language and that's progress for me.

Because to learn something, we should admit that we don't know about it.

After all, I'm also practicing my freedom of speech, just like I'm practicing the language to learn.

As always, I'll be always happy to learn something new !

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Written by   110
5 months ago
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Yea freedom of speech to an extent is dangerous.

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5 months ago