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11 months ago

I never thought I'll write about magic, because I'm so far away from this topic, but still !

I remember learning about the word ''Egregore'' when I read the book ''Transurfing of Reality !'' by Vadim Zeland. You can read it here !.

I also recorded a video about it, watch it here :

Transurfing of Reality !

By looking for the word ''Egregore'' in wikipedia, I've found the related information about it about ''Chaos magic''. Before I thought that the word ''Egregore'' is only related to the things we think about. And the more we wish something, the more likely we will get it. But it seems having some kind of magical meaning, so it could be not just a concept, but a tool used to control the masses. Because while everyone is busy looking at one hand, the other hand can make the illusion. That's how magicians work, and even those who practice the black magic. I'm sure such people still exist even in our modern life, even if we don't hear about them that much.

But what if this ''Egregore'' is already used widely by the mass media. What if people are really distracted by a kind of occult concept. Because looking at how some people are acting, I start to think that's something really magical implemented. And no matter how you talk to them and how many arguments you give them, they still think the same without allowing any critical thinking. At least a little of it. Sometimes it's even scary to talk with such people at all. Because they may become so aggressive, so just seeing what someone is writing, or how he/she reacts to the information is enough to understand if the person is bewitched or not.

The solution is to connect with the right egregore. The right communities and people, to consume the information that's not related at all to the narrative, or even what opposites it.

We may call fools those who at least learn something about the magic. But if it's used somehow against us, why to not at least know the principles to be protected.

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11 months ago