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1 year ago

The transformation of Facebook into META has had a beneficial impact on social platforms in the crypto world including Torum which has registered exponential increases in recent days, also associated with the listing that took place yesterday on its XTM coin on the Kucoin exchange.

The team's goal is to create a decentralized version of Facebook, rewarding active users with the XTM coin and integrating an NFT market that further attracts users and retains them over the long term.

The social platform becomes a place not only in which to share messages and photos but a real crypto center with the ability to make purchases in the NFT market place, use the Dapps that will be built in Torum, take advantage of the liquidity pools and facilitate transactions. through the creation of bridges that will connect the social network with the other chains (BSC, Ethereum, Thorchain).

The focus is to create a social platform that meets the new needs of Web 3.0 by fighting censorship and stimulating the creativity of the users who will take part in it. I signed up a few days ago and started testing Torum. In part, the UI is very reminiscent of Facebook: I can easily write a post (not necessarily long or complex) and attach some photos or gifs. There are communities to which you can join called Clans, divided by theme or other.

At the moment it is possible to get XTM by performing daily missions (creating a post, liking or commenting on a few posts) which on average reward you with 1.5 XTM, then the weekly, one-time and special missions are unlocked.

An anti-looting measure has recently been introduced, i.e. it is necessary to prove that you are a willing new user so you need to accumulate a total of 100 points to complete the power-up and unlock them missions, starting to earn XTM.

The XTMs you earn are available in your wallet on the platform and there is currently a limit of 500 XTM before you can withdraw coins and transfer them to the Exchange.

At the moment there are several slowdowns probably due to the assault of the many users who are discovering the platform these days. It is possible to obtain a prize of 15 XTM (currently around 20 dollars) simply by registering on the platform through my referral link, verify the email and mobile number via code on WhatsApp and complete the energy bar.


At the moment I am still testing the platform, I'm not very enthusiastic but there are ample opportunities for growth as you well know and in the end it really takes two minutes a day to accumulate XTM. To be monitored!

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About a month ago, I signed up and left after using it for a few days because it was complicated and the withdrawal limit was high. The fact that I don't have enough time also has an effect. But I think it is a platform that is worth the effort and time spent.

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