Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin

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Why did Satoshi Nakamoto create Bitcoin and the blockchain?

This question is fundamental because it must remind us of the primary objective, namely to create a free P2P payment system between people, that is, without the intermediary represented by the bank or by an institution that represents it.

If we look at what Bitcoin has become today then the project has failed as the currency in the hands of centralized institutions is against all logic of its creator. Bitcoin has failed. Those who own BTC today will obviously be very happy for the personal wealth generated and probably will not care about shared wealth, on the other hand greed is a limitation of the man that always backfires.

But not all hopes are gone. In 2017 a Bitcoin Hard Fork generates Bitcoin Cash, with identical characteristics as a supply but different in the structure of the blockchain, designed for faster and cheaper transactions. Today BCH in fact boasts fees in the order of $ 0.01 unlike BTC which on average exceeds 10/15 dollars. Definitely a fundamental peculiarity for the integration of an efficient P2P system. It is in fact unthinkable to have to transfer a few dollars paying such high fees, it has no practical convenience in a P2P payment system.

Furthermore, the distribution of BCH is much more widespread thanks for example to some social platforms built on its blockchain such as and In these cases, thanks to @MarcDeMesel 's donations and development, tens of thousands of users have BCH satoshi in their wallets, and can easily send them to anyone anywhere in the world as long as they have a mobile phone with internet connection.

Many shops around the world accept BCH for its ease of use and convenience in handling payments. BCH is what Bitcoin should have been, indeed it is much more because it is also able to adapt to the evolution of the blockchain. In June, SmartBCH will be released, the parallel chain for the management of DeFi on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, which will allow greater diffusion of the currency among small investors, increasing knowledge of the enormous ability to manage a greater flow of transactions at reduced costs. unlike Ethereum, it is also cheaper than the Binance Smart Chain.

Evaluation on the price

In recent days, the price of BCH has doubled, a sign that investors' attention has returned to the coin. On the other hand, BCH is still far from its previous ATH and I am sure that this is the basic objective of the investors, considering it really very cheap at the moment.

The current ATH is 4355 dollars, a goal that can be easily achieved in the next few days, we are now in full bullish market and the dynamism is high. @MarcDeMesel has hypothesized a market cap close to $ 5 trillion and BCH could settle over $ 10,000, this indicates how much potential it has ahead of it.

If you had invested $ 1000 in BCH over the past few days rather than Bitcoin, you would have doubled your capital today. Always be informed, it is the only defense tool for your capital.

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