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Being a Preschool Teacher

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2 months ago

Hi ! Good day everyone!

I'm about to share my experience as a preschool teacher. This my first time handling preschool. I finished Secondary Education, then here it goes. I was assigned as a preschool teacher. As a beginner, I think you will feel uneasy for that especially we are now in a new normal education. The best learning in preschool happens in a learning-through-play environment.

Is it easy to teach preschool?

For me as a beginner, it is hard. I am used to to teach elementary pupils. So now as a preschool teacher I am teaching 3 years old to 5 years old. At their age they are just more on playing, sleeping, and eating, mostly that's the routine of this children ages 3-5. As expected during discussion they are just keep on playing then after awhile they will listen and suddenly they will just walk out and sometimes they will cry because they're guardian pinched them. So it will happen in this new normal because they're at home.

What are the things to do during classes?

As a teacher, you need more patience to give to your pupils. Preschool teachers have a lots of duties. You need to spend more time and effort. In your visual aids or flashcards make it beautiful that can catch the attention of the pupils. Your classroom it should be filled with student artwork, bright colors, and many more just to catch their attention.

How interesting being a preschool teacher?

At first it was hard . But as the time goes by you will enjoy them. They make you laugh. As a teacher you should do more things, thinking lots of games for them to play so that they will not feel tired and feel comfortable and enjoy. The games it should be related to your lesson, while they are playing they learn something about it. Not only the children will play ,you also as their teacher. If they run , you will run, if they crawl you will crawl also.

Another thing when you are teaching preschool you will become a dancer and a singer 2in1.😂😂 In my 25 years of existence I did not experience to sing in front of many people. But now I develop my talents. 😂😂😂 I am dancerist and singerist. How funny my experience is.😂 Like for example when I let them sing the song "I'm a little teapot". If they dance I will dance also.

  • I'm a little teapot short and stout

    Here Is my handle and here is my spout

    When I get all steamed up

    Here Me shout

    Tip Me over and pour me out.

When I sing and dance with this song I felt uneasy because the parents are there! But when I see the children enjoying I felt overwhelmed. They develop their confidence and to practice their talents as early as now.

I am a good actress also in this. I learned to laugh things that's not funny for me, because if the children are laughing you will laugh also you will join them, go with them. Me , I have a deep voice like a man. When I'm with the children I will change my voice into a cute one.😂 I tried my very best just to make my voice cute. Hahaha.

Being a teacher of a 3 to 5 years children it's a mixed emotions. Sometimes you will feel enjoyed and happy. But most of the times it is more tiring. But it is okay. The most important thing there is you imparted them learnings. You teach them and mold them as a good person.

Do not also forget to give them advices and lessons about life. How to become a better person in the future.

Just correct me if my grammar used are wrong.😉😉

Hope you enjoy reading this and you learned something of it. ❤

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Written by   11
2 months ago
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