The Everyday Routine I Made for 2021

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1 year ago
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Are you a person who has an everyday routine? Or a go to flow kind of person? I belong to the first type of person.

For this article, I am going to share the routine that I have been following this year. Well, there are some changes since the classes started and it occupied some of my free time. Anyway, let's get started!

Morning Routine

6 AM
Yes, I am a morning person. It is the time where my mind thinks of everything that I will do for that day and it helps me to be fully awake. Then the first thing I do when I get up is to pray. After that, I will browse my messenger to reply to some chats and check the update about COVID-19. I do also visit and to see if there is notification. Sometimes when an idea popped up in my mind I will start writing articles for then I will finish it when there is free time during that day. Before heading outside of my room, I watered first my plant and let them get there daily sunlight.

7-8 AM
One thing that I promised myself this year is that I will not be lazy to do my workouts. So, I do exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes. I will put the link below of the YouTube exercises that help me to have my body now. After some sweat sesh, I will have my light breakfast to have some energy to face my school classes. Then, I do some fast cleaning of our house.

8-9 AM

I prepare myself for the class. I will have my bath which will take for about 20 minutes and another 10 minutes for my skincare with a total of 30 minutes in the bathroom. Hahaha. Then I put a decent clothes on and of course, to look presentable I do put some blush on, lipstick and draw my eyebrows (bcos kilay is life).

9 -11:30 AM
This is the time where my class begins. Since I am a college student I have different schedules. Well, from Tuesday to Friday the class started at 9 AM and ends at 11:30 AM except for Monday which became my free time.

Here's the two exercise that I follow.

Afternoon Routine

1 - 4 PM
After I had my lunch at noon, I am back at my track again. I take down notes from the discussion we had and sometimes I took a nap. Hahahaha. Afternoon class means sleeping class. Just kidding! I am a good student. It is just really hard to stay awake during this period of time. So my weapon for that is to eat while attending our class. I know everyone can relate to or experience this.

Night Routine

5:30 - 7 PM

Yes, I still have classes until 7 pm but it is just for Monday and Friday classes. So for the days that I don't have a 7 pm schedule, I usually cook our dinner. Yes, I know how to cook. Well, google and youtube are there to help me. Hahahaha. Plus, recently I realized that I have a passion for it. Is it a good thing, right?

7-8 PM

It is our dinner time! One thing that I treasure especially when we have this pandemic is the importance of eating together with your family. The laughs, talks, and jokes that we shared are the real food that made us full not by our stomachs but our hearts. After dinner, I will have my shower and skincare routine to make me feel refreshed from all the stress of online classes.

8-10 PM

The battle between myself begins here. Hahaha. I allocated this period to study. Yes, you read it right. This is the consistent one that I cannot fulfill every year because I promise to myself that I will study in advance every night. Surprisingly, since the classes started I maintained the will to study harder than last year and I hope it continues until I graduate. So the things that I do are some advanced reading for my tomorrow's class, memorization of minerals and rocks, and learning one new mining term. The last two are must need to be a licensed mining engineer (hello, board exam).

10-11 PM
After my study time, I will have my bible study for about 30 minutes. Yes, since the pandemic I have been trying to become close to Him. Then the remaining time is I watched random videos on youtube. When I didn't felt sleepy yet I listen to some podcasts especially the podcast of Brother Bo Sanchez and sleep will gradually visit me. I make sure that before midnight I am already asleep.



The routines I wrote above is my routine for weekdays. For weekends, I usually follow the same but I have more free time which I use for doing household chores, laundry, writing article for and of course watching Kdramas.

Author's Message:

I hope that you didn't get bored of this article. Hahaha. I am just proud that finally, I have been following my routine. I do also hope that I inspired someone to have their routine so we can call a day a productive one. Anyway, thank you for reading! If you want to read more then kindly visit my other articles. Thank you and I hope this month will be fruitful for all of us!

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Topics: Life, Routine, Writing, Story


It's good to have a routine, it gives you a sense of order in your life. I sort of have one for myself, not like yours, but it works for me haha

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1 year ago

I agree. When following this routine, I learned how to discipline myself.

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1 year ago

I am also a first-type person. No, we did get bored after all I enjoyed this article because it was of my type. You have the best life-routine. I will also write about my routine.

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1 year ago

Thank you for reading! It's okay for me to have a routine so I do not regret that I didn't do anything the next day. Hahaha Btw, will wait for your article about it.

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1 year ago