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Being a Responsible Digital Citizen

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4 weeks ago

Wazzup, everyone! Hahaha. I am not yet moved on to the theme of our spoken poetry in our Purposive Communication subject. Hahahaha. Well, I am here again to share my piece because I am proud of the outcome of my hard work. So, here was the task given by our professor:

"With the advent of social media and texting can an entirely new way to communicate. Indeed, communication in the digital age is quite different and interesting.

On the theme of becoming a responsible global digital citizen, write spoken poetry that features popular text or viral English terms and expressions commonly used among Millenials of today."

The given task was quite exciting to me because I love to write and read poems! Yes, especially if its genre is about love and to inspire. Anyway, here's now my poem.

Note: Beware of slang or millenials words that used in my poem. If you are not familiar of it feel free to ask me in the comment section. :))

No Cap, Be Responsible.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Ting, ting, ting.

Woop, woop, woop.

The sounds we keep hearing

With the touching and tapping

Of every tip of our fingers

With the popping and flashing

Of every DMs and letters

To the screen of computers

With a million media users.

How intriguing it is,

On how technology shook all of us,

On how people sharing their tea

On how people meeting their bae

Oh how people flexing their gold

In this so called virtual world.

How alarming it is,

On how strangers get our things

On how our world transforms

Into a land of digital systems.

Then, the society we live in.

Becomes a small chain.

Where we can be connected

With one press of send

Where we can communicate

With one dial of your contact

Where we can travel

With one click of an article

What a wonderful invention

If we are all a responsible person.

So stay woke with it impacts,

To avoid being an outcast.

Do not be a sus and a simpy

That is controlled by the majority.

Because many receipts have lay

Of squads using it excessively

The vibe is shining so brightly

To not exploit it irresponsibly.

Let's keep our life lowkey,

And our solitude high key.

Digital wellbeing is a must.

To be not a salty tourist

So we can feel gucci and giddy

In a paradise full of technology

So, repeat what I say,

I am ready to slay,

A responsible digital citizen

That can make the universe brighten

By spreading the on fleek sloganity

No to addiction, yes to responsibility.

Slang terms:

DM's - direct message

No Cap- seriously

Shook - shocking

Tea- gossip

Bae- girlfriend or boyfriend

Flexing- showing

Sus- suspicious person

Simp or simpy- a try hard to impress someone

Stay Woke - Be aware

Receipts- evidence

Squads- group of people or friends

Vibe - the feeling

Lowkey - chill or easygoing

High Key - intense

Salty- upset or exceptionally bitter

Gucci - great or excellent

Slay- nailed it

On fleek - on point

My insights

As we all know we are in the era of modern technology. Where we can do things conveniently. Where we can communicate easily. That truly helps us in our everyday lives. Therefore, we need to use it smartly and responsibly. Let us not take it for granted to the point that it will affect someone's life and even our own life. Let's start to encourage everyone to be a responsible digital citizen. For a better and peaceful world.

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Author's Message:

As I open my readcash account, I noticed that I am here on this platform for more than one month. And I am so proud of it! Happy monthsary to us readcash! Sorry for not remembering it earlier. Hahaha. Anyway, I am so glad during my stay here that I feel so welcome and loved. So, I want to thank all my readers, sponsors, commenters, and upvoters for their unending support. More years and BCH to come to us!

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Written by   16
4 weeks ago
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Modern technology has changed our whole life and nowadays it has taken a great part in our life. We should always use it in positive way to move ahead.The poem was amazing.well done.

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4 weeks ago

I agree with what you've said. Thank you for appreciating my poem. :))

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4 weeks ago

That's a nice poem Cherry! And those slangs are really interesting, I would have been lost had you not put them there :D And you are right about being responsible in this digital age. It's not because we can do almost everything freely that we just do them without regard of other people.

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4 weeks ago

I couldn't agree more with what you said. :)) With the evolution of technology, people also changed in a bad and good way. And I hope the good reigns. :))

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4 weeks ago

And I hope the same :)

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4 weeks ago

Happy monthsary enjoy staying here in read.

$ 0.01
4 weeks ago

Thank you so muuuch!!

$ 0.00
4 weeks ago